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Here are the 10 fastest-growing cloud software apps of 2019 so far, according to the startup that connects them all

Zapier cofounders (resized for online)

  • Zapier, which helps users automate and connect online applications, tracked the 25 fastest growing work apps of the year.
  • Work apps that are for specific niches like real estate, as well as automation apps, showed up on the list.
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For several years now, Zapier — which rhymes with “happier” — has been tracking the fastest growing work apps out there.

Zapier should know: It helps users connect the online tools they use the most together so they work together seamlessly.  This all-remote company now has 1,500 app integrations and 4 million users.

This time around, several emerging tools have popped up, all that have a particular use in a specific industry. For instance, this list includes tools made especially for real estate agents, freelancers, marketers, and more.

“We’ve seen a bit of a shift from these one-size fits-all suites to folks finding very specific tools that sort of fit their needs,” Wade Foster, CEO and co-founder of Zapier, told Business Insider. “A lot of these tools become popular because they are really good at solving specific problems. The one-size-fits-all suites get watered down. The workforce wants to have tools that meet the specific needs.”

Foster also sees more industries taking to tools that help them automate common, tedious tasks, such as sending outreach emails or making phone calls.

According to the survey, 83% of employees use three or more apps for automation, and over three-quarters of customers would list automation as a skill in their resume or job application.

“It’s been fascinating to see how a segment of the workforce has identified automation as a trend to help them be more successful on the job,” Foster said.

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These are the 25 fastest growing work apps of the year, so far.

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25. Rebrandly

Rebrandly is a tool for shortening, rerouting, and managing branded links. This helps companies with tracking and sharing URLs.

24. LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

This LinkedIn marketing tool is used to create ads for collecting leads. Users can send their professional information to a company in just a couple of clicks.

23. Zoom

Zoom creates video conferencing software, and it just launched a cloud-based phone system. It just went public on April 18 and reported its first-ever earnings on June 6.

22. Responder

Responder provides email marketing services for Hebrew-speaking users. 

21. ClickSend SMS

ClickSend SMS is a cloud-based marketing service that lets users send and receive texts, emails, voice messages, fax, and letters worldwide. 

20. Credit Repair Cloud

Credit Repair Cloud creates software products for entrepreneurs to start businesses that can help customers improve their credit. 

19. TextMagic

TextMagic is a business text messaging service. It sends automated text messages, such as notifications, alerts, reminders, confirmations, and marketing campaigns.

18. Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides detailed statistics for websites and apps. Users can use it to measure how effective their advertising, social media, and marketing campaigns are.

17. Google Slides

Google Slides is used to create presentations. Multiple team members and collaborate on a presentation online.

16. Freshsales

Freshsales is a customer relationship management platform that has built-in phone and email.

15. Agent Legend

Agent Legend is an automated messaging service specially made for real estate agents. It helps them immediately connect with their leads.

14. ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels makes it easy for people to build web pages for sales and marketing. They can build websites by dragging and dropping features, without having to write code.

13. ScheduleOnce

ScheduleOnce is software that helps companies take reservations or other kinds of appointments. 

12. Zoho Forms

Zoho Forms is used to build and share online forms. These forms can also be integrated into other applications.


11. Mailshake

Mailshake provides email templates for cold emailing, outreach messages, and more. It also includes features for automated phone calls and social media posting.


10. Bonjoro

Bonjoro is used to create and send video campaigns to customers. It can also be used to measure how effective these campaigns are.

9. Bitly

Bitly is a URL shortener that also provides analytics for the links you share to measure how many people are clicking through, and from where. 

8. LionDesk

LionDesk is a customer relationship management platform for real estate agents. It helps with managing transactions, documents, marketing campaigns, and deals.

7. WPForms

WPForms is a WordPress plug-in used to build drag-and-drop forms and surveys. It has features to help with payment, email marketing, and notifications.

6. Facebook Offline Conversions

Facebook Offline Conversions provides analytics when transactions occur offline after people view or engage with Facebook adds. For example, it can track if a customer makes a purchase in a physical business location after seeing an ad. 

5. GitLab

GitLab is a tool that helps developers plan projects and build software faster. Zapier says that usage of GitLab on its platform grew 335% year-over-year.


4. Dubsado

Dubsado helps small businesses and freelancers manage projects, build client relationships, schedule appointments, and plan. Zapier says that usage of Dubsado grew 403% year-over-year.


3. Mojo

Mojo is an customer relationship management platform and online phone made for the real estate business. It can be used to manage leads, contacts, and sales. Mojo grew 457% year-over-year on the Zapier platform.

2. Front

Front is a collaborative email application for teams to use. It’s essentially a shared inbox for businesses. Front grew 506% year-over-year on the Zapier platform.

1. ManyChat

ManyChat makes it easy for users to build Facebook Messenger bots. These bots can be used for marketing, e-commerce, and support.  ManyChat grew 1,005% year-over-year on the Zapier platform. In fact, Zapier says, ManyChat is frequently connected with the newsletter service MailChimp.