Top Haunted Destinations And Stories Behind Those Places in India

India is famous for its culture, art, education. Simultaneously the land is also considered as the place of an unsolved mystery. From ages, tourists come to India to visit all its popular haunted destination. The curiosity to know about these haunted places have made these places famous. These mysterious places are considered as the next best thing in India. If you are exceptional and like Exploring the haunted places in india, want to know what is happening in those places, this post is for you. Check the list and if you can dare then go ahead and explore.

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Bhangarh fort- Rajasthan

Bhangarh is among the most popular spookiest and haunted place in Rajasthan. It is beyond your imagination how scariest it is. It is situated near a famous forest. This place attracts tourist from across the world. If you are planning to visit then keep in mind that after sunset you won’t be allowed to enter the place.

Ramoji film city- Hyderabad

“Ramoji” is popular for film city. But there are many controversies about the hotels in this place. An eye witness said that the room lights kept on off from its own, foods get scattered on the floor, some marks are seen on the mirror.

Agrasen ki Baoli- New Delhi

Maharaja Agrasen is the founder of the Baoli. Baoli was constructed for water conservation. No one knew that later it would become a haunted place. The place is full of haunted and freaky stories. The deeper you go the more you get scared due to darkness, swampiness and other factors which let you feel the presence of some paranormal entity out there. Visitors say they feel the presence of some unnatural power there. 9 am to 5 pm is the visiting time.

GP Block- Meerut

Meerut GP Block is famous for its paranormal activities. It considered as one of the top haunted places in India. This abandoned place is not very well known. Many pedestrians have noted the spirits sitting together in front of a candle enjoy their drink, but from ages, nobody stays there.

Kuldhara- Rajasthan

Kuldhara is a village in Rajasthan and is famous for its haunted places in Rajasthan. Since the 19thcentury,the place is abandoned. It is said that evil aura roams around freely. As per an old story which villagers orate that Salim Singh, a minister once fell in love with a girl of this village and wanted to marry her but villagers did not accept the proposal. Then he gave a threat to the villagers that if they do not allow him to marry her he would impose a high taxon the villagers. One night all of sudden the whole village population nobody knew where they went. It is said, it is the villagers curse that no-one can dwell in this place.

Mukesh mill- Mumbai

Who does not know about Mukesh mill? One of the creepy haunted places in India. It is said in that the mill was shut down due to an unfortunate accident in 1980. After that, the place becomes a deserted place.

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