How to Password Protect an App on Android Devices


Protecting your
phone with a password is genius! It’s
a way of safeguarding personal and sensitive data. If you have top-secret
information on your device, you don’t want just anyone to have access to it, do

But if your phone
keeps asking you to enter your password every
, it can be a bit annoying. What if you just want to use the calculator
or view the Notes app for 5 minutes?

Well, the
solution is simple: only
password-protect individual apps

Don’t know how to
continue? Don’t worry. We’ll go at it step by step.

the app

First you need to install a third-party program. There are many apps that can do this, but we’ll focus on just one. I’ll mention others below.

Know that this
guide is for Android users. But if you have an iOS device, you can benefit from
this because the same idea applies.

To kick things
off, here’s what you need to do:

First, go to Google Play and search for “smart app protector”. Then choose AppLock – fingerprint lock & phone cleaner by SuperTools. You can view it here.

Some other really good ones if you don’t want all the extra cleaner features are:

App Lock by Hyper Speed
App Lock by 302 Lock Screen
App Lock by Gomo Apps

Then, click INSTALL to download the app.

Once finished
with the installation, click OPEN to

To use the app,
click START.

Enter your
passcode by creating a New password.
You will then need to re-enter it for confirmation.

A small popup
screen will appear. You will need to grant permission to the app to allow it to
appear on top of other apps. To do this, click Enable.

You will then
land on a screen that lets you grant the permission manually. Make sure that
you switch it on.

Then, return to
AppLocker. Then from a list, choose the specific apps that you want to lock.

Simply click on
it. Then press LOCK.

If done
successfully, a popup screen will say so.

in action

For example, I
chose to lock Messenger on my Huawei
p30 Pro.

Before, I can
easily access it. Now I can’t open it unless I enter the passcode I created.

How to Reset Your Password

If you want to
change your passcode, you can also do it easily with this app.

Here’s how:

First, go to Settings.

Choose Set password.

Then, enter your
current password.

Then, click Change Password.

Here, you will
need to enter your Old password.
Then enter and re-enter your New

How to Change from Passcode to Pattern

You can also
choose to enter a passcode differently. If you want to do it by following a
pattern, go ahead.

Here’s how:

Scroll down the
current page (Set password).

Then, choose Pattern.

Then, enter a
pattern as your New password.


An unmatched
benefit of this is the peace of mind you get. As mentioned, it helps you get
rid of a problem: you don’t have to be
annoyed anymore
because you won’t have to enter and re-enter your password
too often.

And beyond that,
it solves your true worries. No more unauthorized
access to your phone and apps! With this, you can leave your phone almost
anywhere. Even then, you won’t have to get paranoid about somebody gaining
access to your data on even a single app.