Delhi High Court Blames Police For Delay in Finding Missing Girl

delhi high court

New Delhi, January 30, Abhijit Saha: The Delhi High Court on Wednesday smacked the investigation team from Delhi and Odisha Police when they were unsuccessful to find out a girl missing since she was brought Delhi from Odisha for the purpose of providing service by an employment agency.

Chief Justice N.V. Ramana and Justice Rajiv Sahai Endlaw along with a division of bench warned the investigating team that appropriate action will be taken against the officials for not being able to find out the girl and for their delays in managing the case. They also said that it is the duty of the investigating team and that they are not doing it for charity when a counsel coming for Odisha police say to the court that they are trying their best to find the girl. The SP of Odisha’s Kandhamal district present in the court accepted that the police is unable to find that girl in spite of their hard works.

Finally the court ordered the superintendent of police to come to the court and explain the reason of this delay while it’s been a long time since the girl is missing. The disappointed bench said that they are not satisfied with the investigating team and directed them to submit a status report within two weeks and posted the matter for 12 February.

Earlier the court directed the Delhi police to take proper action against the agency. The girl is missing since January 2010.  To examine the truth behind the disappearance of girls and children who are brought to Delhi for employment purpose, a fact finding committee was also constituted.

Four girls were brought to Delhi from Odisha by the agency of which three were found physically and sexually abused. Their parents filed a great writ in the Delhi High Court charging that the Delhi and Odisha Police were unable to find the girl.