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Bangaloreans Brace For 4.8% Hike In Electricity Bills Starting End Of June

Electricity Hike Bill Bangalore

Electricity bills are all set to burn a hole in Bangaloreans pockets. On May 31, the Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission (KERC) in a press conference allowed a 33 paise hike for five electricity supply companies (ESCOMS). This means that Bengalureans will now have to pay 4.8% more than what they were paying. Citizens will notice the change from the upcoming billing cycle in June.

Shambhu Dayal Meena, the chairperson of KERC at a press conference on May 30 said that five ESCOMS had approached the commission (KERC), proposing an average hike of Rs 1.20/per unit which is an overall rise of 17.37%, to match the rise in the operational costs to the tune of 20% and a 16% increase in the cost of power purchase along with pending deficits.

However, the commission restricted the hike to 33paise/unit (4.8 %). The hike comprises a fixed charge of 11 paise and consumption energy charge of 22 paise.

With the revised rates, consumers will now have to spend an extra amount depending on the usage. For example, if a family of four is using 250 to 350 units per month and earlier paid around Rs 1600 to Rs 2500, they will now have to pay somewhere between Rs 1700 to Rs 2600.

Post the order, the fixed charged have shot up by Rs 10 per KW for domestic consumers across the state and Rs 10 extra for additional KW.

Domestic consumers under Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) and other Bescom will now have to pay an average of Rs 25 paise more per unit.

Consumers who are under Hukeri RECS will have to pay Rs 19 paise per unit. For the industrial purpose, using Low Tension supply, consumers have to bear a hike of somewhere between Rs 15 paise to Rs 20 paise per unit. Under BBMP, the industrial consumers will suffer a hike of Rs 15 paise, whereas those under BESCOM one will have to shell out 15-2 paise extra.

For the High Tension supply, consumers living under Bescom and all other ESCOMS, the price hike is Rs 20 paise per unit.

Bengalureans ordeal

In October last year, in a similar price hike, the commission increased the tariff by 14 paise per unit for BESCOM customers. To gauge consumers’ reaction, we reached out to a few Bangaloreans.

“I run a PG where people from different areas stay. The rent is fixed. However, with such an increase in the electricity bills, I am left with no choice but to increase the rent,” Akshaya, a resident of Jayanagar told the Logical Indian.

He further said the rents were fixed, keeping in mind that students will find it pocket-friendly.

A  food joint owner, Lavkush told us, “I have two refrigerators which run throughout the day. With such increasing rate, it will be tough for us as I have to pay electricity bills for our home as well.”

Jitesh, who works at a private bank said, “Price Rise has become a trend, be it petrol, vegetables, electricity, or LPG. What should a middle class family do in such inflation?”

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