Amazon just unveiled a new Echo with a screen that costs $90 and has a built-in camera cover (AMZN)


amazon echo show 5

  • Amazon has released the latest generation of its smart speaker with a screen, the Echo Show 5.
  • The newest iteration has a 5.5-inch display, video-calling capabilities, and a built-in camera cover.
  • The Echo Show 5 is priced at $90, making it one of the cheapest Echo devices on the market. It’s available for release on June 26.
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Amazon has released its latest Echo Device: a smart speaker with video capabilities and a privacy-centric camera for under $100.

The Echo Show 5 is equipped with all the key features of its predecessors — Alexa voice assistant, music and video playing, smart home controls, video-calling — with an added camera shutter intended to provide users with more privacy.

It’s the latest iteration of Amazon’s Echo Show smart speakers with displays, while also being one of the cheapest in a long line of popular smart home assistants from the retail giant.

Check out all the features of the new Amazon Echo Show 5, and the details about when it will be available:

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This is the Amazon Echo Show 5, although it’s the third-generation in a line of smart speakers with video displays. The 5 in the name refers to the smaller touchscreen, at only 5.5 inches.

Source: Amazon

The Echo Show 5’s screen is significantly smaller, compared to the second-generation Echo Show’s 10.1-inch display.

Source: Amazon

Like its predecessors, the Echo Show 5 is equipped with Amazon Alexa voice assistance and commands, ability to play music and videos, and can be used as a hub to control other smart home devices.

Source: Business Insider, Amazon

The Echo Show 5 also comes with the ability to video chat with other Echo users and friends over Skype.

But the newest feature introduced on the Echo Show 5 is a built-in camera shutter that lets users cover the camera when it’s not in use. The feature addresses public concerns about giving camera-equipped devices from big tech companies access inside their homes.

Source: Amazon, Buzzfeed News

The Echo Show 5 comes in charcoal or sandstone, and sells for only $90. That price is significantly lower than the $229 second-generation Echo Show.

Source: Business Insider, Amazon

At $90. the Echo Show 5 costs less that any of its Amazon smart speaker predecessors — the original Echo device, Echo Plus or the Echo Spot. The only Echo device that’s cheaper is the $50 Echo Dot, which has significantly less features than the Echo Show 5.

Source: Business Insider

The Echo Show 5 is available to preorder on Amazon, and will be released on June 26.

Source: Amazon