How to set an alarm or event reminder on a Mac using the Calendar app


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  • You can set an alarm on your Mac’s built-in Calendar app to remind you of daily chores, weekly events, or more intermittent happenings, like birthdays.
  • You can customize the way your Mac alerts you to an event placed on the calendar, and can opt for multiple reminders.
  • There are also premium alarm clock apps available for Macs that let you use your computer to wake you up each day, such as Awaken or Alarm Clock Pro.
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Your Mac comes preloaded with an app that can help you remember all the important things in your life, like your anniversary, a regularly scheduled call, a one time plan with friends, or when it’s time to stop browsing Reddit and head out the door for work each day.

The Mac calendar app makes it easy to customize alerts that will help you keep on top of your schedule and responsibilities. And as most people tend to spend a good amount of time on or near their computers, your Mac can be a great resource for such life management.

How to set an alarm or reminder on a Mac using the Calendar app

1. Launch the Calendar app by clicking on it in the dock at the bottom of the screen. If it’s not there, click to your desktop, hit “Go” on the taskbar at the top of the screen, then hit “Applications” in the dropdown menu and click on “Calendar” in the new window.

2. Double click on the day on which you need to add a reminder.

3. Name the event, then click on the date and time in the popup window to select a specific time.

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4. On the newly expanded popup window, click beside the word “repeat” to set the recurrence.

And if you want to use your Mac as a daily alarm clock, continue with these steps:

5. Click beside “alert” and then click “Custom…” at the bottom of the menu.

Screen Shot 2019 05 23 at 12.37.12 PM

6. Select “At time of event” in the menu that reads “minutes before.” Then click on “Message with sound,” and select “Open file” from the dropdown menu.

7. Click “Calendar” then hit “Other” from the small dropdown menu.

8. Now you can choose an audio or video file that you wish to use to wake you or remind you to do a chore or get out the door.

Note that to make sure your Mac will be ready to wake or remind you, you need to make sure it will be turned on. From your desktop, click the Apple icon at the top left of the screen, then hit “System Preferences.” Then click the word “View” and select “Energy Saver” from the dropdown. Now change the settings so your computer won’t power down before your alarm goes off. Make sure it’s plugged in as well.

Screen Shot 2019 05 23 at 12.44.50 PM

If you’re looking for a more advanced alarm clock to add to your Mac, you might try out a paid alarm-clock app like Awaken or Alarm Clock Pro.

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