Everything we know about what's going on inside of Facebook right now (FB)

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  • Facebook has had a tumultuous few years. 
  • There have been bright spots, like the growth of Instagram, and big new initiatives, like its pivot to privacy. There have also been plenty of challenges, with calls to break the company up, and investors at one stage wondering if COO Sheryl Sandberg might leave the company. 
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Here’s what we know about what’s going on inside of Facebook right now, from its so-called “pivot to privacy,” to the secretive projects it’s working on:

Pivot to privacy

  • Facebook’s bet on privacy may threaten advertisers’ sophisticated targeting, and it could ‘dramatically change’ its relationship with brands
  • Marketers want more details about how Facebook’s move to encryption will impact ads

Facebook’s relationship with advertisers

  • Facebook is ramping up its move to manage ad spend from millions of small and mid-size businesses with a new tool
  • Facebook has a new plan to push brands on groups, but breaking up with the news feed is tough for marketers
  • Facebook is expanding its ad transparency efforts, but some advertisers worry it could hurt their ability to be competitive
  • Facebook is giving advertisers more data on how it grades ads — but buyers say it’s a step behind Google

Facebook Audience Network

  • Advertisers want more say over where their ads run on Facebook’s billion-dollar ad network. Here’s why the company says it won’t give them complete control.

Facebook Watch

  • Facebook is making its biggest bet to date to take on YouTube for video dollars. Ad agencies aren’t convinced.

Facebook Messenger

  • The head of Messenger answers some big questions about how Facebook’s ambitious plans to connect its messaging apps will work
  • Facebook is doubling down on Messenger, and it means advertisers will have to spend more time and energy to reach potential customers

Facebook Portal

  • Facebook is pouring millions into TV and outspending Amazon and Google in the race to dominate voice-activated devices — but it may not be able to hold its ad-spending lead much longer


  • Instagram is ramping up its pitch for direct-response ad dollars as its stories ads move into Facebook and Messenger
  • Instagram is already running out of room for ads, and that’s a threat to Facebook as it looks for new avenues to keep revenue growing
  • Instagram has completely replaced TV as the most important way for advertisers to reach young people
  • Facebook’s big bet on Stories may go even better than its pivot to mobile

Facebook’s political efforts

  • Facebook is building out its team of antitrust experts as one of its cofounders calls for it to be broken up

New projects

  • Facebook poaches 2 veteran compliance experts from Coinbase as rumors swirl about its blockchain project
  • Facebook is restructuring its augmented-reality glasses division as it inches closer to launch
  • Facebook is thinking about using ‘cartilage conduction’ technology in augmented reality headsets, for audio without headphones
  • Facebook is trying to hire someone to work on ‘legged’ robots and robotic hands
  • Facebook secretly explored building bird-size drones to ferry data to people with bad internet connections
  • Facebook’s push to help raise money for charity could indirectly give it a $10 billion boost to its business

Working at Facebook

  • Here are the Facebook execs who insiders think might leave next
  • Car-bomb fears and stolen prototypes: Inside Facebook’s efforts to protect its 80,000 workers around the globe
  • Facebook moderators are in revolt over ‘inhumane’ working conditions that they say erodes their ‘sense of humanity’
  • ‘It changes everything’: Facebook insiders are cautiously optimistic about changes to employee bonuses
  • Leaked memo spells out Facebook’s new ‘ground rules’ restricting employee discussions about politics and religion


  • Meet the 19 former Facebook employees and executives who are now leading some of the hottest enterprise startups in the world

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