Take a look inside the $5,000-a-month San Francisco apartment that Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes once called home

Elizabeth Holmes

  • Elizabeth Holmes, the former CEO of blood-testing startup Theranos, has laid low while she awaits trial on federal fraud charges.
  • She and her fiancé, a hotel heir named Billy Evans, have reportedly been renting a $5,000-a-month apartment in San Francisco near popular tourist attraction Lombard Street.
  • Holmes and her fiancé no longer live there, and the apartment unit is now being listed online with photos of the interior — take a look.
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Little has been heard recently from Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of the failed blood-testing startup Theranos who could face up to the next two decades in jail.

The former CEO has kept a low profile and tried to maintain a private life as she waits to stand trial on federal charges of fraud. Despite her attempts, snippets of her personal life have emerged.

Several news outlets reported earlier this year that Holmes is engaged to a 27-year-old MIT grad named William “Billy” Evans, who is heir to a chain of hotels in California. Vanity Fair reported that the two have been living together in a luxury apartment in San Francisco with their Siberian husky.

Now, the apartment the two have reportedly been living in is up for sale, according to CNBC. Holmes and Evans moved out of the apartment “a few weeks ago,” CNBC reports.

Take a look inside the $5,000-a-month apartment that Holmes and her fiancé once called home:

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Even after Holmes’ Theranos officially shut down in late 2018, the former CEO couldn’t leave Silicon Valley as she waited to stand federal trial. Holmes and her fiancé were spotted around San Francisco, fueling reports that they were living together in a luxury apartment.

Source: Business Insider

According to CNBC, Holmes and Evans were living at 1340 Lombard Street, located in San Francisco’s Russian Hill neighborhood.

Source: CNBC

Their former apartment is located just a few blocks from one of San Francisco’s top tourist attractions, the famously crooked block of Lombard Street.

Their apartment was a part of the Lombard Place Apartments, a complex composed of three identical seven-story buildings.

Source: CNBC

The website for the Lombard Place Apartments describes the complex as a “picture-perfect place to call home” with “panoramic views” and “tons of personality.”

Source: Lombard Place Apartments

The complex is pet-friendly, which meant Holmes and Evans could live there with their Siberian husky. The dog, named Balto, reportedly served as the mascot for Theranos during the company’s final days. Balto apparently wasn’t potty trained, and was allowed to roam and go to the bathroom wherever he wanted inside company headquarters.

Sources: Lombard Place Apartments, Business Insider

The Lombard Place Apartments are situated atop one of San Francisco’s many hills, which afford the units a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz.

Source: Lombard Place Apartments

The apartment that Holmes and Evans called home was a two-bedroom, two-bathroom unit located on the third floor. Fortunately, the building has an elevator, saving the couple from having to walk up flights of stairs.

Source: Rent SF Now

CNBC reports the hallways lined with apartments feature “dark brown, mosaic carpeting, and white apartment doors featuring gold doorknobs.”

Source: CNBC

“Your home is the backdrop of your life, and the Lombard Place Apartments set the scene for beautiful Russian Hill living,” the apartment listing reads. “Sun soaked, light, bright, and airy, they feature top-of-the-world views and expansive interiors.”

Source: Rent SF Now

The apartment features a relatively small kitchen with minimal counter space. According to the listing, the kitchen comes with a refrigerator, a gas range, and a dishwasher.

Source: Rent SF Now

Past the kitchen is the first of the apartment’s two spacious rooms. The entire apartment has hardwood flooring.

Source: Rent SF Now

Both rooms feature numerous windows to bring natural light into the unit.

Source: Rent SF Now

The two bathrooms in the apartment look similar. They’re pretty standard, each with a toilet, sink and mirror, and tiled bathtub-shower combo.

Source: Rent SF Now

The second bedroom in the apartment is bigger than the first, and has double the windows for even more natural light and expansive views of San Francisco.

Source: Rent SF Now

CNBC reports the couple had a corner unit, which offered them some of the best views of anyone in the complex.

Source: CNBC, Rent SF Now

The bedrooms are connected by a set of French doors.

The apartment has a washer-dryer in-unit, an amenity that saves them from trips to a nearby laundromat.

The apartment is now available, so it could be yours — for $5,395 a month. In case you’re interested, the leasing agent is holding an open house to see the unit on Wednesday from 6 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.