LIVE: Watch Google's biggest conference of the year (GOOG, GOOGL)


Google IO 2019

  • Google I/O starts today, where company executives will take the stage to discuss upcoming products and technologies.
  • This year, we’re expecting to hear about a cheaper new Pixel phone, Android updates, and advancements in artificial intelligence.
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Google is about to kick off its biggest event of the year — Google I/O, its developer conference, where app makers from all over gather to hear about the company’s latest products and announcements. Each year, company executives take the stage to showcase upcoming Google products and technologies, while also providing insight about the search giant’s overall direction and goals.

Watch the livestreamed keynote, which begins at at 10 a.m. PT, here: 


This year, we’re expecting to hear about Google’s rumored cheaper new Pixel phone, which reports have indicated will be called the Pixel 3a. The company will also likely demonstrate the next version of its Android operating system, as it usually does, and show off its latest advancements in artificial intelligence. It could also talk about its Stadia gaming platform, which it first unveiled at the Game Developers Conference earlier this year. 

See below for live updates as the event unfolds. 

Attendees are filing in as we wait for the conference to begin.

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