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Mobile Casinos are Trending in India

There are around 813 million mobile users in India today. Considering that the entire world has only 5 billion mobile subscribers, we are one of the largest markets in the industry. It’s because of this very fact that we can see all kinds of trends across the country in the tech and mobile industry. The rise of mobile casinos is one of them.

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Gambling in India and the Popularity of Online Casinos

You may already know this but gambling in India, for the most part, is not legal. This is because the government has divided all the casino games into two categories:

  • Games of skill
  • Games of chance

The games that are purely based on chance are considered illegal. However, if there are games in which you increase your odds of winning with skill and decision-making, then they are considered fair and legal. Plus, there aren’t any actual laws governing online casino games since the archaic laws prohibit only the traditional gambling based in brick-and-mortar casinos.

Due to the ambiguous nature of online gambling in India, there are many mobile casinos that are enjoying a massive success here. In fact, you can learn all about them including their promotions, payout rates, etc. on platforms like sevenjackpots India easily and participate in lottery, live dealer games, sports betting, and more.

While the prevalence of smartphones and the government’s weak grasp on the online gambling industry are two of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of mobile casinos, they aren’t the only reasons behind their success. There are many merits of mobile casinos themselves that have made them so popular. For starters, they offer huge cash prizes and bonuses to the users just for creating new accounts. Also, they offer a variety of traditional casino games like Poker and Rummy, and fantasy sports games that are inspired by major sports events in other countries like Stubhub’s offering of credit for fantasy football for charity.

The Future Looks Bright

The gambling scene was pretty much non-existent for decades in India until the online casino industry boomed just a few years ago. Now, thanks to innovative and attractive online casinos that are venturing into the Indian market today, risk takers across the nation can now look forward to a wide range of games and offers to enjoy their favorite games more than ever.