This doomsaying art exhibition recasts Bezos, Musk, and Zuckerberg as mythological figures heralding the end of civilization


Sebastian Errazuriz Jeff Bezos 1

  • A striking new art exhibition of 3D-printed statues shows some of Silicon Valley’s wealthiest and most famous figures as mythological characters.
  • Artist Sebastian Errazuriz re-imagines modern Silicon Valley luminaries including Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, and Elon Musk, but through a pretty pessimistic lens.
  • The statues contain plenty of allegorical details.
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An exhibition opening in New York in May called “The Beginning of the End” depicts Silicon Valley moguls as mythological figures.

Artist Sebastian Errazuriz originally presented the sculptures as digital creations, which could only be viewed in augmented reality.

Now he has brought them into the physical realm with 3D-printing. Errazuriz told Wired in December that with the exhibition he wanted to “create a new mythology of a variety of the heroes, villains, and characters that will be part of what could be the end of civilization.” 

The exhibition will run May 1 through 24 at Elizabeth Collective in New York, and captures the likenesses of Silicon Valley’s biggest names, along with some political figures.

You can see photos of the 3D-printed sculptures, and the additional smaller details, below:

Elon Musk is almost angelic.

A statue of a winged Elon Musk is called “Exile and Escape.” Musk carries a collection of weapons and armour, each of which is tied to one of his many ventures. On his hip, he carries a Boring Company “not-a-flamethrower.”

His helmet bears the SpaceX logo.

The likeness is pretty good.

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