The 2 best Xbox services are reportedly coming together to form an 'ultimate' version that would cost less per month (MSFT)


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  • Microsoft’s Xbox group is reportedly working on a new service that combines two already great services: Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold.
  • Xbox Live Gold is the paid service that comes with a selection of free games every month, and also enables online multiplayer. Xbox Game Pass is a Netflix-like game service, which offers subscribers access to a growing library of games to play.
  • According to a new report from Brad Sams at Thurrott, the two services will be offered as a combined service named “Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.”
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The two best Xbox services are reportedly coming together to form an “ultimate” version of both.

Brad Sams at Thurrott reports that Microsoft will offer Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass under a unified banner, known as “Xbox Game Pass Ultimate,” that will combine the two services into a single $15/month plan.

It’s a logical move, though it’s not confirmed yet — Microsoft hasn’t commented on the report and representatives didn’t return Business Insider’s request for comment.

Xbox Game Pass is a Netflix-like service that costs $10/month, which offers Xbox One owners access to a library of more than 100 games. Xbox Live Gold costs the same $10/month, and enables online multiplayer — it also comes with several free games each month.

As things stand, paying for both costs $20/month.


Offering a slightly discounted $15/month option that includes both of Microsoft’s most popular Xbox services is a logical step that the company has yet to take.

The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate concept also lines up with another major rumor about Microsoft’s Xbox group: A disc-less Xbox One is reportedly in the works, and may even arrive next month.

Such a console would pair nicely with Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold — the two digital services from Microsoft’s Xbox group that most directly represent the future of the Xbox platform.

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