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Here's a look at Apple News Plus, the company's new subscription news service (APPL)

Tim Cook

  • On Monday, Apple announced Apple News Plus, a subscription service that offers users access through its news app to leading newspapers, digital publications, and more than 300 magazine titles.
  • We signed up for a free trial of Apple News Plus to see how it worked and what it included. 
  • Below is a look inside the new Apple News Plus. 

What can you expect from Apple News Plus, the new subscription news service from the maker of the iPhone?

We signed up for a free trial to find out. We found an attractive, easy-to-use service with access to a great selection of magazines.

Apple announced the new service, which costs $9.99 a month, at its press event Monday. Apple News Plus does not include access to stories from The New York Times or The Washington Post. But it does offer a lot of other things, including stories from The Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, National Geographic Magazine, and People Magazine, among other publications. 

Here’s how to use and what to expect from Apple News Plus: 

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Before trying out Apple News Plus, you’ll need to update your iPhone to iOS 12.2.

Apple released the update to the operating system on Monday.

After opening the News app, tap on the new “News+” icon at the bottom and then on “Try It Free” to get started.

Apple is offering a free month of News Plus. After that, the service costs $9.99 for access for up to six family members.

Magazines get top billing in Apple News Plus.

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