The Galaxy S10 is the better smartphone for taking photos compared to the iPhone XS, and it's clear what Apple needs to add to its next iPhone


galaxy s10 camera

  • The Samsung Galaxy S10 and Apple iPhone XS take nearly identical photos, so there’s no specific winner for camera quality. 
  • But Galaxy S10 users have an option that iPhone users don’t: an ultrawide camera that captures a much wider field of view than a smartphone’s regular camera.
  • That option alone make the Galaxy S10 a better smartphone for taking photos. 
  • It’s pretty clear that if other phones are going to have an ultrawide camera, the next iPhone is going to need one. 

I’ve finally had a chance to test the camera on Apple’s iPhone XS against Samsung’s Galaxy S10, and they take incredibly similar photos. 

Sure, there are some differences here and there, but iPhone users and Galaxy S10 users will be equally happy with the photos their phones take.

With that said, Galaxy S10 users have the option to take photos with the phone’s ultrawide camera. That option alone seals the Galaxy S10 as the better smartphone for taking photos.

Check it out:

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The iPhone XS and Galaxy S10 take pretty similar photos. Here’s a photo taken with the Galaxy S10.

And here’s the same photo taken with the iPhone XS. There’s little difference between the two in terms of quality.

Both phones have a dedicated 2x zoomed lens. Here’s the Galaxy S10’s 2x zoomed lens in action, which is slightly sharper than the iPhone XS’s 2x zoomed photo.

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