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Send All Indian Muslims To Pakistan, A PIL asking in the Indian Supreme Court

New Delhi: No matter who you are or what position you have achieved in life if you are a Muslim and has said something critical about Modi or the BJP, you have been told “go to Pakistan” at least a few times in the past few years. This is true in the case of celebrities like Aamir Khan, Shahrukh Khan, and even former Vice President of India Hamid Ansari.

It is not just some fringe groups making this blabs. Even some high profile BJP leaders including Lok Sabha MP Sakshi Maharaj, MLA Kailash Vijayvargiya, VHP leader Sadhvi Prachi all have been distributing tickets to Muslims to “go to Pakistan”.

Go To Pakistan
But some guy decided that he will send all Indian Muslims to Pakistan legally. So he filed a PIL in the Supreme Court (yes this happened for real, we didn’t make this thing up!) to send all Muslims to Pakistan.

The case came up for hearing in the Supreme Court on Friday in front of the Bench of Justice Rohinton Nariman and Vineet Saran.

According to a report by Bar and Bench, Justice Nariman was visibly upset at the prayer and asked the petitioner’s counsel to read it out loud.

After the lawyer read it out, Justice Nariman asked, “Do you seriously want to argue this? We will hear you but we will pass strictures against you.”

Upon which the petitioner’s lawyer said “No my lord”.

Justice Nariman then ruled that the petition has been dismissed!
At this point, we are only wondering why was there no fines imposed on the petitioner for wasting the time of the court. In the past, the SC has slapped fines on such litigants and warned others against wasting the time of the court in the name of PILs.


This petition was filed by Sangat Singh Chauhan, a social worker from Uttarakhand who claims to pay “56  kinds of taxes to the Central and the State Governments”.

The petitioner had also prayed for a direction to be issued to Central government to bring all Hindus in Pakistan to India.

The petition has listed out as many as eighteen grounds to buttress the point that all Indian Muslims should be sent to Pakistan. These are not legal grounds though, but they range from historical points like the “two nation theory”, to vote-bank politics and instances of terror attacks and riots.

Below are the grounds raised in the petition seeking this exchange of citizens between the two nations based on religion.

  1. According to the two-nation theory which was accepted by Jawaharlal Nehru and Mohammad Ali Jinnah which led to the formation of Pakistan and India, Muslims and non-Muslims cannot live together
  2. There is a history of clashes between Hindus and Muslims and these religions have “never lived harmoniously”. The record of history reveals a trend of deadly clashes and violence between the Hindus and Muslims, says the petitioner.
  3. Close to five million “illegal Bangladesh Muslims” residing in Assam could soon face deportation by the Indian government and there are a large number of instances of illegal activities in which “foreign Muslim nationals” have had a role to play.
  4. Gujarat saw the deadliest Hindu-Muslim clashes in 1969 which ensued on account of an attack on a Hindu temple. The riots left as many as 660 people dead most of whom were Hindus, says the petition.
  5. Various Hindu temples have been attacked and a number of Hindus have been targeted by Muslim militants and the petitioner goes on to cite the instances of Chamba massacre of 1998, Raghunath Temple and Akshardham Temple attacks of 2002, Varanasi bombing of 2006 etc.
  6. Protest against the opening of the sealed Babri Masjid led to a small-scale riot in 1986 and various Muslims participated in a rally against this act in 1987 where allegedly inflammatory speeches were delivered.
  7. The petition also cites the case of the exodus of the Kashmiri Pandits from the Kashmir valley between 1989 and 1990 and goes on to say that while the “so-called freedom movement” in the valley was joined by many Kashmiri local Muslims, the Pandits were left in a destitute situation.
  8. The petition also brings up the firing on the Kar Sevaks in Ayodhya in 1990.
  9. The riots that shook the nation after the Mumbai blasts of 1993 were orchestrated by the wanted Criminal Dawood Ibrahim as “an act of revenge against the Hindus who demolished Babri Masjid on December 6, 1992” and “all of the perpetrators were Muslims in the blasts”.
  10. The Godhra incident of 2002 which led to the death of several Kar Sevaks has also been cited as one of the grounds by the petitioner.
  11. The Marad clash in Kerala where “hundreds of Hindus were killed by Muslims in the name of spreading their propaganda” also finds a mention in the list of grounds.
  12. The petitioner also cites the train blasts of 2006 which were allegedly planned by Pakistan’s ISI as a reason to send all Indian Muslims to Pakistan.
  13. Several Hindu temples were desecrated and vandalized by “Islamist mobs allegedly led by TMC MP”in 2010 in Deganga.
  14. “Infiltration from Bangladesh and non-existent family planning” have resulted in the rise in the Muslim population in West Bengal. About three districts in West Bengal have a significant Muslim presence. Stating that out of 294 Assembly seats, 100 of them in West Bengal are where Muslim votes play a major role.
  15. Another reason cited by the petitioner for making the exchange of citizens based on religion is that a 2017 Pew Research Centre ranked India as fourth worst in the World for religious intolerance. And thus, the petitioner has sought this religion-based segregation.
  16. Petitioner also cites an incident of violence in villages bordering Bangladesh where Hindu establishments were allegedly targeted by Muslim mobs.
  17. The decision of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) to establish Sharia Courts in all districts has also upset the Petitioner who has stated that “Muslims cannot be satisfied” and thus should be sent to “Pakistan where they have Muslim Courts.”
  18. A large number of Muslims have allegedly displayed their “anti-Hindu and anti-kafir sentiments” and therefore, “it’s high time to send Muslims to Pakistan” to ensure the safety of Hindus, the petitioner states.

Read the petition below.