Party enquiry into TP murder incomplete: VS

Thiruvananthapuram, 7 March, Sreeparvathy K.: Opposition leader VS Achuthanandan had stated that the party commission’s probe into the TP Chandrashekharan murder case has been incomplete.

Party enquiry into TP murder incomplete: VS

TP Chandrashekharan


He said that the only preliminary enquiry had been done and demanded proper enquiry. He said that it is only commission’s inference that personal enmity between RMP leader, TP Chandrashekharan and Kunnummakkara Local Committee member KC Ramachandran led to the murder, party can make more probe into it. The role of political rivalry cannot be ruled out, responded VS to the media persons in Kottarakkara.

Office of the opposition leader had made a statement on welcoming the decision made by CPI(M) enquiry commission on TP murder case of expelling KC Ramachandran for his role in the murder.

He also claimed that Prakash Karat’s assurance of expelling party members participated in the TP murder case from the party have been kept.

He also added that the decision taken by the national leadership in the TP murder case is to be hailed, which other parties cannot imitated. He alleged that the Congress is not conducting proper enquiry against those involved in the murder of the sweeper in the Nilambur Congress party office.

As compared to CPI(M)’s disciplinary action on Ramachandran, Congress party cannot even probe into the murder happened in their own office.