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Amber Portwood SLAMS David Eason: Fight Me, You F–king Loser!

Folks, Amber Portwood is unleashing her infamous wrath on Instagram again — and this time, her target is a couple that definitely deserves it.

Amber let loose on Jenelle Evans and David Eason during a live rant this morning, and for millions of Eason-haters, it was glorious to behold.

Sure, Amber's had her problems over the years — who hasn't? — but Jenelle and David aren't messed up in a "relatable reality star" kind of way

Unless, of course, you consider bigoted tirades, constant abuse allegations, and visits from the Secret Service to be relatable.

No, what we have here is a pair of trainwrecks who need to be put in their place.

And it seems Amber is the one to do it.

Take a look:

1. Mad Amber

Amber portwood on the insta
Amber is not happy with the latest behavior from David Eason and Jenelle Evans. And it seems she’s not shy about telling the couple what’s on her mind.

2. Hard Times

Amber portwood winces
Amber has been having a difficult go of it following a bout with post-partum depression, but it seems she’s well enough to come after the biggest D-bag on television.

3. Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

Amber rant 1
Amber is so pissed off that her rant started yesterday — and is still going strong today.

4. Like We Said, She’s Angry

Amber portwood new selfie
It all started with Amber going OFF on an abusive, “disgusting clown” … who really doesn’t need to be named.

5. Attack of the #B*tchmen

Amber rant 2
Obviously, it’s pretty clear that Amber’s rant against abusers and bullies is targeted squarely at David.

6. Expecting a Response

Amber portwood wedding dress tryout
“You know who you are and you will respond or your girl. But family no matter if we hated each other now or in the past never deserves abuse,” Amber tweeted before addressing her own history of violence.

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