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David Eason Just Accused Nathan Griffith of Raping a 10-Year Old

We really didn't think it was possible for David Eason to sink any lower.

This is a guy who openly embraces the Confederate Flag … who can't get enough of his gun collection … who almost definitely beat his wife … and who is openly and proudly homophobic.

Dude is just a terrible person.

But just when we assumed we had seen his worst, the former Teen Mom 2 star and husband of Jenelle Evans defies expectations.

Eason has blasted Nathan Griffith – Evans' former fiance, and the father of her second child Kaiser – on social media.

Griffith previously accused Eason, who fathered Jenelle's third child Ensley, of beating Kaiser. That alone was horrifying.

But Eason has upped the ante with this allegation, one that leaves even THG shocked that Eason truly went there.

Scroll down to get caught up on this rivalry, or race to the bottom as you might call it, and see what we mean …

1. So… Nathan and Jenelle Ended Their Engagement in 2015

Jenelle evans and nathan griffith
Ever since, they have traded insults and allegations back and forth, mostly centered around their four-year old son, Kaiser.

2. Jenelle Has Primary Custody of Kaiser

Jenelle and kaiser
But Nathan has vowed to fight for his child, escalating his case in the fall of 2018.

3. Why Is He Always Sick?

Why is he always sick
Nathan basically accused Jenelle of child abuse, or at least of awful parenting, back in September, alleging that their kid is always ill.

4. And He’s No Fan of Eason

And hes no fan of eason
Griffith added this Tweet about Jenelle’s husband a few months ago.

5. Nathan Also Refused to Return Kaiser to Jenelle Last July

Nathan and kaiser being tough
He called child protective services and alleged that his son had been abused while he was with his mother and step-father.

6. Yes, Twenty Times

David eason allergic to shirts
CPS visited Jenelle and Nathan’s property twenty times over the course of a single year. The Easons blame Nathan for this constant scrutiny.

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