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Leah Messer & Jason Jordan: Shocking Relationship Secrets Exposed?

It's been over six months since the world learned that Leah Messer and Jason Jordan are dating.

During that time, Leah and Jason have broken up at least once, but these days, they seem to be doing better than ever.

Recently, Leah took to Instagram to answer some questions about her personal life, and naturally, fans were especially curious about Jason following his TV debut on this week's Teen Mom 2 season premiere.

Some were surprised by what Leah had to say.

Others believe she hosted the Q&A as damage control following some unexpected revelations about Jason.

Take a look and decide for yourself:

1. The Beginning

Jason jordan smiles with leah
Leah and Jason made their relationship “Instagram official” back in July.

2. Too Much Too Soon?

Leah messer jason jordan his family
The couple moved fast, and it wasn’t long before was Leah posting photos of herself spending time with Jason’s family.

3. Ups and Downs

Leah messer and jason jordan
But the honeymoon period didn’t last, and the couple called it quits in October.

4. They Couldn’t Quit Each Other

Jason jordan and leah messer
Within weeks, however, Leah and Jason were back together in time to spend the holidays together.

5. Christmas Reunion

Leah messer loves jason jordan
Leah even declared her love for Jason in the caption for this tree-decorating video.

6. Going Strong

Jason jordan and leah
These days, Leah and Jason are reportedly doing better than ever.

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