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Larissa Dos Santos Lima Breaks Down, Begs Fans for Money

Larissa Dos Santos Lima is about to be single.

And now she wants to mingle…

… with her fans.

… because she needs their money.

The controversial 90 Day Fiance star was arrested and served with divorce papers within a 24 hours period last week, as her tumultuous marriage to Colt Johnson finally appears to be coming to an end.

How is Larissa reacting to this development? By asking you to give her some cash, basically.

Scroll down to be caught up on this ugly romance and to see what Lima is saying to her supporters about it.

1. It’s Finally Over for These Two

Its finally over for these two
Johnson filed for divorce just hours after Larissa was arrested on a charge of domestic abuse against him.

2. This Was Her Third Domestic Abuse Arrest

This was her third domestic abuse arrest
To be fair, or official, charges were dropped after the first two and Larissa was never prosecuted for either alleged incident.

3. What Happened This Time Around?

Larissa dos santos on tv
We’re trying to piece it all together, but both Colt and Larissa shared photos of their bloody faces late last week, following some sort of confrontation.

4. This Wasn’t Their First Fight in Their Seven-Month Marriage

Colt johnson and larissa dos santos lima wedding reception
But it was definitely their ugliest and, seemingly, their most violent.


Larissa and colts bloody fight 01
Larissa posted this frightening image and initially simply said Colt called the cops, telling followers she feared deportation.

6. What Prompted the Fight?

Larissa and colts bloody fight 02
As many outlets have since confirmed, and as Larissa tried to explain here, she supposedly caught Colt having purchased/watched many adult entertainment videos.

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