Beckhams hire Buckingham Palace worker

Los Angeles, July 13 – Celebrity couple David and Victoria Beckham have hired a former Buckingham Palace worker as their new housekeeper.

Beckhams hire Buckingham Palace worker

Sealand Park, Victoria, BC
The duo has recruited the male worker from the British royal household to help with the general running of their 40 million pound-worth home. Victoria is said to be delighted to have him on board, reports

They needed a new housekeeper and, hands down, he was the best applicant. His CV was pretty impressive and, obviously, having a former Buckingham Palace member of staff is quite a boon.

Victoria is delighted, and he is fitting in really well with the family, a source told the Daily Mirror newspaper.

David and Victoria have also given the former footman’s salary a significant boost from his previous 15,000 pounds a month pay cheque.

As well as general tidying, cleaning, ironing and dusting, it is said the new employee will also lend a hand with walking and grooming the dogs