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Running back duo of Gurley and Anderson power Rams over Cowboys

On a warm night at the Los Angeles Coliseum, the LA Rams utilized a running game featuring Todd Gurley and C.J. Anderson that stifled the Dallas Cowboys defense in a 30-22 victory, the Rams’ first playoff victory since 2004. Anderson finished the game with a slightly better night with 123 yards while Gurley finished with 115 yards.

Rams coach Sean McVay and Cowboys coach Jason Garrett did something unusual in their Divisional playoff round game. Both coaches kept going for it on fourth down and were rather successful at doing that. The Cowboys went 3 for 4 while the Rams went 2 for 2 on fourth down but that wasn’t enough for Dallas.

While the Rams started with a field goal, it was the Cowboys who got the first touchdown. Amari Cooper went over the middle as multiple Rams players chased him for the 29 yard touchdown.

After another field goal, the Rams finally broke through into the end zone. Anderson grabbed a 14 yard run to get right at the end zone and simply ran in on the ensuing play.

This was when the Rams run game was really hitting on all cylinders. After a three and out by the Cowboys, Gurley took it in for seven with a huge 35 yard touchdown.

As things started to become out of reach for the Cowboys, they clawed back. Michael Gallup’s huge catch got Dallas within a couple yards from scoring. Ezekiel Elliott got the touchdown just two plays later and the two point conversion put the Cowboys within nine points.

Here is where going for it on fourth down really makes you look like a genius. Jared Goff handed the ball off to Anderson who went to the weak side of the line to make it a two touchdown game all but seal the game for the Rams.

The Rams head to the NFC Championship Game, awaiting the winner of tomorrow’s Philadelphia Eagles-New Orleans Saints game. If the Eagles win, the game will be in LA and if the Saints win at home, they remain in New Orleans. If the Rams can keep up their run game and dominate the time of possession, they will be a formidable opponent no matter who wins.

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