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Jen Harley Attacks Ronnie Ortiz-Magro as a Total "Narcissist"

Jen Harley has taken yet another shot Ronnie Ortiz-Magro.

This time, however, the occasional Jersey Shore star and perpetual temper-filled trainwreck did NOT do so with any inanimate objects.

So that's a refreshing change at least.

Still, Harley has responded to Ronnie's claim that she assauled him with an ashtray… and she's done so not with an admission or denial, but with a few more insults hurled Ronnie's way.

See what we mean below…

1. What is the State of This Roller Coaster Romance?

Ronnie and jen harley and kids
It ain’t good! Ronnie and Jen split up, again, on New Year’s Eve, just days after this nice family photo was snapped.

2. What Happened?

Jen harley and ronnie together again
They were reportedly out at the Hustler’s Club in Vegas when Jen got angry over a few messages she saw on Ronnie’s phone.

3. What Happened from There?

Jen with ronnie
Ronnie stormed out during his argument with Jen, but not before she allegedly hurled a glass ashtray at his face.

4. Ronnie Gets Assaulted: See the Possible Evidence!

Ronnie gets assaulted see the possible evidence
Check out the video above to see surveillance footage of Ronnie exiting the establishment and appearing to dab at his (bloody?) face with a tissue.

5. Check Out His Face Now

Ronnie with siblings
Ronnie shared a few photos on Instagram after this incident, all of which do depicts a few facial injuries.

6. Bruised and a Little Battered

Bruised and a little battered
Here’s one more look at Ronnie’s face, probably the most up close and personal he’s gotten with fans since splitting from Jen again.

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