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Jenelle Evans: My Husband Is NOT Trying to Get Me Fired!

It's been almost a full year since David Eason was fired from Teen Mom 2.

And somehow, the unemployed husband of Jenelle Evans continues to make tabloid headlines on an almost-daily basis.

Of course, that'll happen when you issue violent threats to elected officials and boast about menacing your wife's co-workers with firearms.

At this point, David is at the 14:59 mark in his 15 minutes of fame, and he seems hellbent on bringing Jenelle down with him.

But despite the mountain of evidence to the contrary, Jenelle insists David is not trying to get her fired.

Take a look:

1. The Terrible Twosome

Jenelle and david on a date
Jenelle and David are made for each other. We mean, that of course, as the worst kind of insult.

2. Just The Worst

Jenelle and david cuddles
Jenelle and David are both violent bigots with long track records of abusive behavior and negligent parenting.

3. Just Barely

David eason in confederate flag
But in the contest of who’s the more atrocious human being, David has the slight upper hand.

4. Bringing Home the Bacon

Jenelle evans struggles to hold ensley
For one thing, Jenelle at least makes money to support her family (albeit through the cushiest job imaginable).

5. The Sponge

David eason eff you
David, on the other hand, has made no effort to seek out gainful employment.

6. At Least He Tried to Try?

David eason unhinged
After a halfhearted attempt at starting a SCUBA and boat-cleaning service, David now devotes most of his time to sitting around on The Land and spending Jenelle’s money.

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