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Kourtney Kardashian is Trying to Be Hotter Than Sofia Richie

It may be a new year, but Kourtney Kardashian is trying hard to maintain her old figure.

The mother of three simply can’t afford to let herself go, not when she’s 39 and Sofia Richie is 20 and Kourtney has to compete with her ex-boyfriend’s lover on a near-daily basis.

Kourtney Kardashian and sofia

Not literally, of course.

As far as we know, Kourtney isn’t trying to actually win Scott Disick back over or anything.

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She doesn’t want to be back together with her hard-partying and generally annoying ex.

But it’s only natural for Kardashian to still feel a sense of competition with Richie, especially considering how they’re spending a decent amount of time together these days.

(Scott, Sofia and Kourtney all spent Christmas in Colorado together, for example.)

Along those lines, an insider tells Hollywood Life that Kourtney puts a lot of pressure on her appearance any time she’s around Disick and Richie.

Sexy on Slopes

“Kourtney does her best to look hot whenever she spends time with both Scott and Kourtney, which has been a lot lately,” alleges this anonymous source, adding:

“Kourt works really hard to always look fit, glammed-up and cute, especially when she knows Sofia will be around.”

This much is evident by the photo above, which was snapped during Kourtney’s aforementioned trip to Aspen…

… and which features the reality star not exactly dressed in typical ski attire.

For the record, though, Kourtney and Sofia are getting along pretty well these days.

They’ll never be best friends, but they aren’t enemies, either, which is important when Richie will be hanging out so often with Kourtney’s three kids.

Kourtney Kardashian and Santa

“Kourtney is doing her best to be sweet, kind and accepting with Scott’s girlfriend, but she still fights back feeling awkward when watching romantic PDA between Scott and Sofia,” Hollywood Life writes.

This is natural and understandable, of course. 

Even if Kourtney has no interest in getting boned by Disick ever again.

“When Scott holds Sofia’s hand, or kisses her in public, it still stings Kourt,” this totally real insider explains.

“But Kourtney is determined to not let it show that it bothers her at all.

“Instead Kourt is determined to always look as sexy as possible around Sofia and rise above any feelings of jealousy.”

Sofia Richie and Scott Disick Look Sad

No one thought this would be an issue, of course.

Richie was believed to just be a fling for Disick when the two got together well over a year ago — but here we are.

She and Lord Douche are somehow still going strong, forcing Kourtney to accept the romance and to salvage some sort of peaceful arrangement between all parties.

Concludes Hollywood Life in this report:

“Sofia couldn’t be happier she’s finally made a real connection with Kourtney and no longer is putting Scott in the awkward position of feeling like he’s in the middle so much with the ladies.”

In related news:

What the heck does anyone see in Scott Disick?!?