Ready for 3-Hours Challenge? Know about the Top 5 YouTube Channels for CAT preparation 

New Delhi: Nowadays, YouTube channels and apps play a major role for all entrance examinations preparations. Everyone can easily access question papers, exam patterns, syllabus for the required examinations. In YouTube channels, there are various professionals who will teach you all the concepts of the syllabus so that the candidates get good CAT Result.

Cat Preparation Tips

Top 5 YouTube channels for CAT 2019 entrance exam preparations are

  • Takshzila Shikshak
  • Handaka Funda
  • 2IIM CAT preparation
  • Perfect Scores
  • QA4 CAT

Takshzila Shikshak

Ratings: 4/5

Takshzila Shikshak channel is a legible way of educating platform for CAT preparations. Students can complete their preparations easily by adding this channel to their preparation plans. In this channel, educators teach concepts as well as give assignments to clear the concepts themselves. Students can access all videos at free of cost. Recently, they also introduced books for CAT preparations. Features of Takshzila Shikshak channel are listed below:

  • It has 378 videos in total (updating weekly based on the syllabus)
  • Best channel for quant and geometry sections to learn
  • All major sections of CAT syllabus are covered
  • It provides all free videos as free

Handa Ka Funda

Ratings: 4.4/5

Handa Ka Funda is a paid channel where students have to pay Rs.6000 for CAT preparations. Students have to log in to get all the videos in sequence. It provides study materials to build up student’s basics easily. Teaching methodology is better than other channels where they can clearly explain each and every step with the examples. Features of Handa Ka Funda channel are listed below:

  • It has 178 videos in total
  • It has their own preparation strategies
  • It also provides major previous question papers and solves the question papers as well
  • Provide test series for testing the students level of understanding

2IIM CAT Preparation

Ratings: 5/5

2IIM CAT channel help the beginners to understand each and every concept deeply. Verbal section has a detailed explanation which helps students to understand easily. The classes are very interesting and not at all boring where they will keep on motivating and engaging with the enthusiasm of candidates. Features of 2IIM CAT Preparation channel are listed below:

  • It has 107 videos in total
  • Best channel for modules preparations
  • It also has separate preparation strategies
  • It also provides previous year question papers
  • It provides complete analysis preparations for students


Ratings: 4/5

QA4CAT channel is run by Rajesh Balasubramanian. It provides videos about the concepts and solved answers of the questions asked in the previous year question papers. Students can try a trial version by signing up and get 20% free for the course. Features of QA4 CAT channel are listed below:

  • More than 100 videos
  • It covers all CAT level questions
  • It mainly focuses on the quant section
  • It also provides previous year question papers and explains all the concepts as well

Career Launcher

Ratings: 4/5

Career Launcher channel is one of the education providers from last 20 years. It provides videos and teaching free of cost. It is the best channel for CAT preparations. It also provides separate videos for solving previous year question papers. Features of Career Launcher channel are listed below:

  • More than 100 videos
  • Provide separate strategy preparations
  • Separate videos for each section
  • Provide videos of Tips and cracks from the toppers