Leisure Travels offers up to 50% discount to explore North East India for travelers 

New Delhi: Guwahati Based travel company Leisure Travels offers the cheapest Tour packages for travelers for their North East India exposing campaign in the winter and they are expecting a bumper quarter this festive season as bookings for festivals like Bihu and Diwali. It is mentioned that travelers have registered a significant uptick compared to last year with cheaper deals and offers to sidestep a spike in oil prices that promised to dent air carriers’ margins and railway fares.

UP TO 50% DISCOUNT campaign to explore North East for travelers from Leisure Travels UP TO 50% DISCOUNT campaign to explore North East for travelers from Leisure Travels

Leisure Travels & Hospitality Private Limited’s web Portal confirms that bookings across cities demonstrate robust travel in the upcoming festival dates in comparing the last year.

Rafiq Ul Islam, the founder of the Leisure Travels, said interest in domestic destinations is growing with people travelling mainly to witness celebrations in different parts of the country like the extravagant Bihu celebrations at Kaziranga, Rang Ghar, Talatal Ghar  etc and Jatinga, Manash Cherapunji, Shillong etc.

“Festivities are in full swing in India and travellers are looking ready to make the most of it. The upcoming New year in a long weekend presents a good opportunity to take short trips and bookings for the weekend have gone up by 20-25%. Diwali bookings are also quite strong and are seeing similar growth. There is an increase in demand for hill stations around Diwali as a section of the people want to escape the pollution,” said Islam

Bookings for the coming Bihu and Diwali long weekend have grown by 40-42% for destinations like Kolkata, Mysore, Ahmedabad, Rajasthan, Delhi and Goa on outbound travelers.

“October, November are the festive months in India and people are looking forward to travelling around this time. We have also seen an increase in inbound travel as people travel back home while some enthusiastic foreigners want to experience the Indian culture at the peak of festive season,” said M Uddin, marketing head of the Leisure Travels.

It is seen that global portals like Leisure Travels is betting on travel around festivals in India and guiding travellers on how to find the best deals on Diwali travel for return, one way or multi city flight tickets.

Leisure Travels is planning to start its festive sale offers in a few weeks and will extend its Flexi Stay offers to more cities like Kolkata and Hyderabad this quarter. Leisure Travels’s Flexi Stay option launched this week will allow customers to book mid-budget and premium (4/5 star) hotels with anytime check ins and check outs and customers are expected to pay only for the few hours of actually using the room.

“This is the heaviest quarter as far as travel is concerned. Year ending fares are lower than last year on most routes. Market continues to grow at 20% on the domestic demand side. A lot of bookings are flowing into the key metros and destinations around them. Places like Kaziranga, Manas, Sibsagar around whole North East India are seeing good bookings,” said R Islam the founder ceo, Leisure Travels.

Manarama Rabha, co founder Leisure Travels, said there has been a 18% growth in the ongoing winter season compared to last year. On a daily basis, around 6 Lakh tickets are booked online on IRCTC, of which about 1% tickets are predicted for the Leisure Travels platform. She added that holiday-goers are already planning ahead for Diwali to reduce complexity and avoid last-minute rush in travel bookings.

“Till September, Leisure Travels has received a huge spike in website traffic from all over the country, mainly directed from Kolkata, Gujarat, Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru and those are interested to visit North East India, early trends indicate a healthy growth of around 10% for Diwali bookings. due to our UP TO 50% DISCOUNT campaign to explore North East for travelers “, R Islam added