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Book Review: The Silent Widow by Sidney Sheldon & Tilly Bagshaw

Known as one the most renowned authors of thriller mystery and the record breakers of best-selling numbers on online book portals like Amazon and others. An assured roller-coaster and unexpected plot twists just when you thought you know what is going to happen next. Sidney Sheldon and Tilly Bagshaw, you can further get discounts on the various other books written by them by using Amazon Coupons.


About the book: The Silent Widow is the book that is authored by Tilly Bagshaw and Sidney Sheldon. Tilly is the New York Times author who has been a bestseller. She has now come up with Sidney Sheldon who is known for her mystery stories and their co-authored book is called ‘The Silent Widow’.

It is a thriller story that revolves around the life of a psychiatrist who lost her husband in a car accident a year ago and she is in depression. She has still not recovered from the grief and very soon gets gripped in a deadly clench of a murder investigation. Her well-known acquaintances are found dead and the local police think that the poor as an accused unaware of the fact that her own life is in danger. It is the best read for the ones who are fond of mystery thriller stories.

The Silent Widow is the book where a protagonist sweeps from the Mexico City to the dark cities of Los Angeles and the story carries the suspense and the unforeseen twists and turns like a classic Sidney Sheldon novel.

A young American couple disappears without a single mark in Mexico City. The case is left untouched but a decade later the country is stunned by the kind of serial murders. The well known Psychologist Nikki is the common connection between the sufferers who are her patients. Nikki makes a living after knowing people, revealing their secrets. In this city, the enemies and the friends are the same and Nikki is the master of her own escape. Nikki is the beautiful psychiatrist known in the city for her wit but her husband died sadly in an accident. She is the major suspect in the murder investigation of one of her patients who was her assistant as well.

Critical Analysis: Once you read any of Sheldon’s books you will always remain her fan. It is of no importance that who is keeping her genre alive, she is known for the addictive suspense stories that keep us wondered every time. That’s the major fact about the books by Sheldon. The plots of the story are alluring with unforeseeable twists and turns followed by dark and flawed characters that are really attractive to the readers. However, Author Tilly has added her magic to the narrative and has done a great work over the years in keeping alive Sheldon’s name in the hearts of his fans alive.

The writing style of the author is eloquent and is mixed with enough stiffness to keep the readers turning the pages of the book until the end. The climax of the story is criticising and as customary and totally erratic and the readers are left forestalling for more like any hungry lion looking for the target. The dialogues of the story are penned in an appealing way that has all types of sentiments to keep the readers high. The pacing and pitch of the story are quite quick in the books of Author Tilly and puts the readers at the edges turning till the very last page of the book.

It is the tightly wrapped plot with many twists and shots that will keep the light of the suspense burning for a long time. The mystery in the narrative is well pretended with jumpy and page-turning nervousness. Furthermore, it has a mention of so many films and rudiments that while reading the story, readers will be sure to feel fascinated. The scenes in the story are confined with so much detailing and feelings to let the readers feel characters untying right in front of the eyes of the readers.

In this mystery story, all the characters are enormously settled and well connected from scratch with enough saneness to develop the make-believe in the mind of the readers. The major characters, Nikki’s acts are bit annoying many times because of her delicate attitude and sometimes her excellence is too scorching in this story. The supporting characters, like Derek, Ann etc. are modest and their expressively bitter mindsets are so progressively signified that it feels amazing to read about them too.

Reader’s View: In a crux, we can say that the story is a must read and has a captivating narrative. The mystery novel is not just for the Sheldon fans but also for other serious crime fiction novel readers too. It is the most convincing, attractive plot with so many sentiments and stressed uncertainties.