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Tips and Etiquettes at Valet Parking

Are you looking to hire a new valet attendant for your property? Or even better, are you looking for a great valet parking machine? Well, here are a few tips you can consider in any of these situations, particularly in the very tipping of the valet, and the etiquettes as well.

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1. Tipping excessively is not necessary at all. Make sure to tip only if you like the service and if your car is indeed in proper shape as well.

2. You should always tip whether there is or isn’t a parking charge. Though some parking spaces are free, it is always customary to tip the valet for a speedy service.

3. Make sure you always tip when you are helped with luggage and other materials. Along with this, always make sure to tip through the consideration of the valet’s age in the process as well.

4. Tipping is essential when the valet is always in a great mood and constantly helps with any of the special needs you require for your car and yourself as well. This includes any forms of disability and other issues as well.

5. Other than tipping, there are some etiquettes you can follow when entering into a valet parking space. One of the time, is to tidy up your car to avoid any kind of embarrassment.

6. Make sure to tuck away any valuables before entrusting your car to the valet. This is merely a precautionary measure and not a must, for most of the valets are indeed trustworthy.

7. Always make sure to grab everything you need before you leave the car. Going back in and out does not help in a valet parking situation.

8. The most important tip and etiquette in the process, is to always pay attention in situations such as these, for they do happen fast and yu want to be in complete control of the situation. You don’t want to be any situation where you lose you car, or get it scrapped up because you don’t pay attention.

9. Always leave the car running, for the valet parking system works on a running system, and you don’t want to mess that up by delaying them in any way.

10. Make sure to inform the valet of your car’s quirks before you let them use it to avoid any kind of malfunction or sudden shocks.

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