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10 Reasons Yoga Should Have At Least Half an Hour Space on Your Daily Schedule

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Finding time or making an effort every morning to go a gym is still a task for many. Instead of pondering over when and what to do to maintain a sound physical, mental and emotional health, why not introduce yoga in your life? After all, its benefits are continuous, consistent and numerous. You will be amazed to learn how simple practice of yoga, just for half-an-hour a day, can meet your health and fitness goals.

The best thing is; yoga can be practised anytime and anywhere. So, try to make up for your lazy morning by practising yoga every day. It has the following benefits:

  1. Imbibes Flexibility

Practising yoga every day makes you feel physically and mentally agile. Trying simple breathing exercises, or doing basic body stretching asanas, will add to your physical flexibility and mobility.

It will flex your body, and you will instantly feel your aches and pains beginning to disappear. You will soon notice that you can sit in a squat position, in a leg-cross position or bend enough to touch your toes completely. It will ease your body parts like loosening your tight hips or bringing in more flexibility to your muscles and connective tissue such as fascia and ligaments.

2. Improves Muscle Strength

Strengthening our muscles is crucial since it prevents our health from deteriorating. Muscle weakness can lead to many health disorders like arthritis and back pain. These health conditions are common as we grow older since human muscles are subject to normal wear and tear. When you practise yoga every day, you gain flexibility and build muscle strength. Even gym and lifting weights cannot give you that level of flexibility.

3. Perfects Your Posture

We all suffer from posture imperfection due to our desk job and are often advised for posture correction by sitting right or standing in a certain way. Yoga can help you achieve that. Yoga helps balance your head over an erect spine and works for your neck and back muscles. By doing simple head exercises like moving it in a forward position, by several inches, you can work on your back, neck, and other muscle and joint problems.

4. Makes You Feel Happier

Many medical studies suggest that regular yoga practice can reduce depression, increase your serotonin levels and decrease levels of cortisol which is the stress hormone. It improves your happiness levels and immunity, a trigger for healthier lifestyle and mood.

5. Yoga is the Precursor to A Healthy Lifestyle

You are often advised to move more and eat less. Yoga helps on both the counts. It stretches your body, improving agility and mobility, and it also helps you burn more calories. Since it works to improve your emotional and spiritual well-being, it motivates you to eat less and address your weight problems as a result.

6. Improves Your Concentration

Individuals who regularly practice meditation can improve their coordination, boost memory and even their response to situations. You are likely to feel less distracted by own thoughts and improve your reaction time as a result of continuous yoga practice.

7. Induces Calm and Composure

Regular yoga practice helps you relax, control your breath, and stay focus on the present. It calms your mind and emotions, helping you stay composed in your everyday approach to life.

8. Promotes Good Sleep

Regular yoga practice relieves your stress by relaxing your nervous system. It hushes your everyday thoughts from the hustle and bustle of modern life. By inducing guided relaxation, it helps you look inwards, thus calming your senses and mind which is otherwise subject to the normal stresses of life.

9. Boosts Your Immunity

Practising meditation, yoga asanas and pranayama can boost immunity. Scientific evidence shows that it improves your immune system and functions by raising the antibody response to a vaccine or reducing the occurrence of an autoimmune disease like psoriasis.

10. Induces Peace of Mind

Yoga helps in dealing effectively with the fluctuations of our mind. It controls your frustration, anger, regret, fear, desire, or any other emotion which can cause stress. Stress can be an off-shoot of any health disorder like migraines and insomnia; it is, therefore, necessary to practice yoga to deal with it and quiet your mind. It only improves your present and increases your lifespan as you live hale and hearty.

In the End!

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