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6 simple and easy tips for maintaining your new car

Car maintenance is a necessity nowadays not just to help you stay protected while you drive but also to increase the lifespan of your car which contributes to improving its value so that it can be resold for a good price in the future. Without keeping regular maintenance, even new cars tend to be subjected to a dead battery or a dirty air-plugs or worn-out tires and many other usage problems. Thus, it is necessary to opt for timely preventative maintenance than spending a huge sum on getting the issues repaired.

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Given below are some easy and durable tips that will surely help you in keeping your newly arrived car in a good running condition.

  • Check the car battery often

The batteries of new cars function right for some time but they still require care which can be provided by monitoring their functioning at a regular interval of time. Remember that battery is the core of your car and it keeps your car ride a smooth one. To preserve it for a long time, keep a visual check on it.

  • Check the fluids that propel the car

You know that oil is the heart of any car which is important to operate the car. It is mandatory to replace the car oil to get a high performance from your car. Make a habit of checking the brake fluid, power steering fluid, windshield washer fluid, transmission fluid, and all other fluids, at least once per week.

  • Handle your brakes and belts

Always ensure that the brakes of cars need to be replaced after a scheduled time so that the breaking efficiency of the car can be maximized. Moreover, keep an eye on the brake fluid; which helps to reduce the moisture, and keep your brakes away from rust. Belts also need constant replacement in every 60,000 to 100,000 miles, depending on the car model you drive.

  • Keep your car running

It is a myth that an idle car would cut down the maintenance costs, perhaps it is sad to know that this can hike the maintenance cost even more. Always keep your engine running if not for long but for at least 5-10 minutes once a week so that the battery gets charged and becomes functional and help you save your unnecessary expenses.

  • Avoid Overloading your car

Car-overloading can cause extra tension on the chassis and suspension. It is thus, important to remember that your new car needs to sustain for a long time; so it is recommended that you check the car’s manual to know the maximum capacity of the car and always try to maintain it.

  • Ensure regular inspection of your car’s tires

Always check the tires once in a while for any faults and take a close look at the tire pressure weekly as tires tend to experience more wear and tear than other car parts. One must use inflated tires for which a cheap gauge instrument can be used.