Nishrin Jafri’s letter to Shatrughan Sinha on mob lynching

New Delhi: Former Lok Sabha MP Ahsan Hussain Jafri’s dughter Nishrin Jafri writes an open letter to actor turned politician MP Shatrughan Sinha on the daily basis mob lynching across the country. Here the full text.

Photo credit: Ahsan Hussain Jafri’s dughter Nishrin Jafri

Dear Shatrughan Sinha Saheb,
When my father Ahsan Hussain Jafri Ex. MP (6th Lok Sabha) was brutally lynched in broad daylight in a famous city and state Ahmedabad, Gujarat on 28th February 2002, I thought my country will never let this happen to anyone ever again. This was the hardest thing that I had to struggle and fight to go on. My dreams, my day and nights, my work, raising my two boys, my everything had the lynching of my father in the background rolling as a never-ending movie and does to date. I did not see my father being killed but I heard every gory detail of how and what the mob did to him from the people themselves who pulled and brutally cut him to pieces in front of his own house and people, they boasted of what they did to him on videos and talk shows. My father was 73 years old.
But since last couple years I am reliving this nightmare almost on a daily basis as these gruesome videos of our Indian youth brutally killing other helpless old and young people in broad day light while the rest of the by standers encourage them to kill, police force is missing and as the rest of the country watches the videos of the brutal killing on social media and debates of news channels.
I think as a father you will understand my feelings of losing a father in this manner and as a human being you will understand the feelings of these simple helpless people who are losing a member of their family in this manner while the country watches silently or and helplessly in a country that has a system of law and order.
I urge you to please put out a statement, I urge you to please condemn this act officially, I urge you to please gather a committee who will hold these people accountable, I urge you to please hold the state accountable, I urge you to round up the top cops of the country, I urge you to take steps that a democratic country would take to stop this, I urge you because I strongly believe your voice will be heard, because I strongly believe you can stop this madness as you have the power and the political platform.
Nishrin Jafri Hussain.

She urges on a facebook post ” Please add your full name and city you belong to in the comment section if you want to add your name along with mine to this letter. I will be mailing this letter on August 1st, 2018.”