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Facebook Poster and Scheduler Free poster review

What’s Facebook Poster?

The Facebook poster is really a new tool that allows you to publish and market your stuff or any message to various facebook groups in your circle. It may also help you to definitely complete many tasks with a single click. Facebook poster and scheduler all come together that will permit the consumer to publish messages or any marketing content on several forums of Facebook and may schedule these posts based on the need.

With whom it is advantageous for?

It is certainly very helpful for those individuals business owners which use social networking in his or her sales forum. Unquestionably, social networking might be your shop where one can make a sale out of your idea towards the product which your organization manufactures. The majority of the marketing people or branding department use facebook like a forum of awareness for that services or products their information mill offering.

For marketing, they need to publish several various kinds of contents including digital art, pictures, product critiques and just what not! This posting stuff requires a lengthy time for you to develop and style. Then, a large responsibility would be to publish every single content step-by-step. For just about any company in the current time, it’s mandatory to compete and develop new innovations to interact its customers with the organization and also the products.

The Facebook poster helps you to publish all the marketing items that was created through the marketing team and will also be submitted on Facebook page or groups. This can have a single click and so the content or posts is going to be submitted towards the group or pages. Anyone who’s running any community or page or group on Facebook and it has to update the page on regular basis may also make use of this Facebook poster and Scheduler tool.

Options that come with Facebook poster and scheduler

You should use https://weviral.org/facebook-poster/ this site. This is actually the simplest way to produce many posts concurrently on several groups or communities on Facebook. You may also schedule you, likes and comments by yourself timeline or on any group. It’s very clear to see it around the pointed out website. In the following paragraphs, you’ll be researching all options that come with it in addition to information on each step involved with Facebook Poster and scheduler. There’s also a number of other exciting features, become familiar with at length.

Following would be the options that come with it which you’ll learn at length together with screenshots.

You can include your Facebook account several.

This enables you, normal posting.

You are able to Schedule the postings in a number of than a single group.

You may also upload images on the majority of groups in a single click.

It features a method to create Unique message/posts.

You can include auto like and comment options. It is also scheduled.

You are able to Join groups applying this tool.

You may also invite your buddies to participating groups.

How to register at Multi poster

To obtain each one of these attractive features on hands, you have to enroll in this site https://weviral.org/facebook-poster/

The steps of the register are extremely quick and easy. Stick to the steps pointed out below to obtain yourself register.

Goto https://weviral.org/facebook-poster/ link

You will notice two options Register and Register. You have to click Register button.

  1. When you click register button, you will notice four important fields which are mandatory to fill.
  2. Give a unique username and powerful password together with your email ID and obtain yourself register on this web site.
  3. The password you provide ought to be difficult, difficult to guess. To save your privacy and account, you should set a powerful password.
  4. If you discover any problem while registering, you should use “chat now” option that is pointed out within the lower right side from the page.
  5. The agent will help you register whenever you tell them of the query.

How you can sign in to Multi Poster

  1. Type the initial username you’ve provided while registering.
  2. Enter your correct password.
  3. Click the register option pointed out below.
  4. Should you didn’t remember passwords or username, you are able to click didn’t remember password/username option pointed out around the left side from the register option.

Establishing the Facebook account

Login towards the multi-poster isn’t a single task leading you to definitely facebook poster and scheduler. You need to generate a proper Facebook account to be able to publish on multiple groups. If you’re a technology savvy person then your process is going to be fun and easy for you personally.

It may be difficult or tiring for you personally if you’re not tech savvy since it requires your mental attention. Further steps of establishing a Facebook account and the way to proceed towards posting and scheduling contents on timeline and groups receive below.

  1. After login towards the multi-poster, you’ll find incorperate your facebook accounts option around the webpage.


  1. Select this method to maneuver further.
  2. A brand new page will open where you’ll be requested to load your Facebook buddies. (remember to click “save changes” button.
  3. Stick to the screenshot below, you will find four options pointed out here, by which two happen to be selected. You have to choose load facebook buddies and then click save changes button.

  1. You will want to include figures of buddies.
  2. For those who have greater than 500 buddies inside your facebook account so type 9999999 both in posts.

  1. You will want to click save changes.
  2. After saving this, you have to incorporate your facebook account by clicking add account option, that is pointed out just beneath the save changes button.

When you click “add account” option, a brand new window can look which is such as this.

You now are needed to include your facebook login details here. Your Facebook password.

  • Your Facebook password won’t be stored here. It is just needed to create the token. When you place your Facebook login details, an access token is going to be provided. Please stick to the screenshot.
  • Place your login details and press the eco-friendly button of “generate token.” An expression is going to be generated.

This access token needs to copy it within the “access token here” box that is just beneath on access token’s box. You can observe clearly within the screenshot given below.

When you paste the access code, click the eco-friendly button of “Add facebook account.”

Your Facebook account is going to be effectively added here.

You can now close this window and return to the homepage to understand more about further features.

Creating a message or Post

When you are completed with adding a Facebook account. You can just return to the house page where you’ll find message option. You’ll have a look of the house screen within the screenshot below.

To produce a message you have to type whatever content you want to publish within the content box. You may also pick the theme which you’ll see underneath the message box.

When you decide the information you want to publish. Drag your mouse sensor lower, there is a listing of your groups, pages you’ve inside your Facebook account.

  1. Here you are able to select where would you like to publish your message. If you want to simply begin to see the groups you’ll be able to affect check only on groups and same treatment is going to be put on pages if you want to possess a listing of loved pages only.
  2. Then you can choose the groups or pages where you want to publish your message.
  3. In the listing of groups or pages, you are able to select such as this.

  1. If you want to publish at just one group so choose one such as the screenshot above.
  2. Then simply just publish it by hitting the “send now” button.

You may also then look into the posting confirmation by returning to their email list. Drag your mouse sensor lower again after hitting send now button. You can observe the confirmation. Stick to the screenshot below.

If you want to determine the publish about this group, click view publish option pointed out around the extreme right side from the highlighted group.

Exactly the same procedure is going to be adopted if you want to publish several group. Just choose the groups in the list.

How to schedule the Post

For scheduling the publish, you need to set time zone first. All the steps are very simple and you’ll be proven here by showing screenshots of each step.

Go to the website and select settings option stated within the left side.

Your profile page will open together with other setting options. You have to choose general settings for choosing the right time zone.

You will notice the overall settings page which is appeared as if below screenshot.

Choose the time zone based on the location you’re presently at. After choosing the perfect time zone. Press the save changes button which is essential.

  1. Your timezone is going to be saved properly. You can now proceed to plan your publish at any group or page.
  2. Stick to the same process of creating message or content like led formerly.
  3. Rather of hitting send now button. Press “save post” button beside send now button below a note box.
  4. When you are completed to save the publish start to schedule it.
  5. Click the schedule publish button, you’ll find new fields like time schedule and date schedule options. Please stick to the screenshot below.

  1. Here you’ll be requested for many options. You are able to auto pause your publish together with auto resume it.
  2. There’s additionally a repeat frequency option by which you’ll repeat exactly the same publish. This isn’t essential to choose every single option pointed out here. If you want to schedule your publish like after an hour or so then choose the starting time and date. Visit “schedule publish start” option and select time. Your publish is going to be appearing at the selected time.
  3. Remember in order to save the schedule. When you are done, a confirmation is going to be proven.

You should check the schedule by choosing the schedule posts options pointed out around the left side. You are able to edit or delete the scheduled publish.

Your all schedule posts will appear like this.


When your scheduled publish continues to be published, it’ll appear as finished in the schedule posts list.

You will see the publish by choosing the “view log” option. Stick to the screenshots below.

Within the logs section, you will see you on facebook page or group wherever you’ve published it.

Auto like and comment options

When you schedule the publish, you are able to auto like and discuss it. This task is extremely easy but needed schedule before proceeding for this step.

Auto comment and like options can be found in the schedule posts sections. You will see them. For the time being, screenshots are for sale to the reference.

Joining Groups

You will find essentially three products underneath the portion of join groups.

  • Schedules
  • Search & add new
  • Schedule logs

Choose the search and give a new function for this section. A brand new page will open. Choose the facebook account. Take a look of the in below screenshot.

For those who have designed a single facebook account here therefore it can look and you’ve got to select it.

After selecting your facebook account. Type the name or “main heading” of groups or page after which click search button on the ultimate right side.

Now it provides you with their email list of groups or pages that have the title you looked for.

Now take notice of the screenshot given below

This screenshot is demonstrating their email list of groups you looked for and also the years have also scheduled where you want to transmit demands to participate all the listed groups.

You need to simply place the check up on groups pointed out within the list. Group joining request is going to be sent at the scheduled time.

All of the logs details and schedules details might be based in the schedule section as led earlier.