If you are planning to rent or buy a place, you have a lot of options to choose from. You can either go for a self-contained apartment or a mini flat but before making the final decision it is necessary that you know the difference between the two. You need to consider the pros and cons of each type and wisely decide what suits you the best for a comfortable living style. Most of the times both the terms are frequently interchanged with the other and misunderstood however there is a basic contrast between the two. It is crucial for one to acquaint oneself with the two terms so the correct flat in agreement to the necessities is chosen. Given below are some of the major difference between a mini apartment and a self-contained one. Read more to find out and make the correct decision.

As the name suggests, a self-contained apartment or flat is an independent single room which consists of facilities such as a washroom, a kitchen and a bathroom. Whereas a mini flat is more like the smallest version of a house with a separate bedroom, living room and other facilities such as a kitchen and a bathroom.

If you are someone who is not so fond of sharing the kitchen or the bathroom, then a self-contained is the most suitable option for you. Basically, a self-contained flat has all the necessary requirements and stands as a free body. In countries such as the United States a self-contained flat is usually referred by the name of a “studio -apartment’ and commonly called as a “self-catering flat” in Europe. This kind of flat is for the most part well known among individuals who loathe imparting offices to different inhabitants thus the thought is to have all that they require inside the premises of their own house. Basically it is just one room which has separate divisions. Also if you have a job that requires you to travel a lot to different places then you can always consider renting a self-contained flat for the short duration of your stay. Different self-contained flats come with additional facilities which also leads to increase in prices.

The major difference between a self-contained apartment and the mini flat comes with the addition of the extra room which is the living room along with the kitchen and the bathroom. You could think more of it like a “room and a parlor”. Although they don’t have much difference, a mini flat is more expensive when compared to a self-contained flat. If you are a couple or someone who is looking for some extra space at a lower budget then a mini flat will be the ideal choice. Subsequently, it is always a better choice if you have small kids. A mini flat is a vastly improved choice than an independent loft however their cost differs. Regardless of how little the distinction is, a mini flat can never be an independent condo and vice a versa.