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7 Tips for Tinting Car Windows

A car is not quite complete without the elegance of a classic window tint. While the tint does allow privacy for the car’s passengers, it also shields them from some harsh rays of the sun blocking upto 99% UV rays as well.  An invaluable addition to the car, tinted windows also protect the car by savoring the upholstery and reducing internal cracking.

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Here are 7 tips that would help you make the right choice in selecting the perfect tint for your car windows.

  1. Know Your Options:

One of the major issues often faced when choosing a tint window, is the unfamiliarity customers face with the subject. Make sure you are well versed with the tints in the markets and learn of the several options that are specifically made for your car. Yet, choosing your tints does need to be thorough. Here a few tips to choose the perfect tint for the safet, look and feel of your car.

  1. Make sure to choose your tints that are of high quality, i.e. top tier tints. Though it is indeed more expensive than an average tint, it does protect your car better, and is more durable as well.
  2. While tinting your car, make sure you choose tints that are UV reflective, making your car journeys to be more safe! These tints eliminate high radiation while also maintaining a cool car interior by disallowing insulation of the car.
  3. More often than not, window tints do come with an anti-glare ability, yet make sure to carefully choose your anti-glare window tint film to eliminate any harsh exposure of the sun to your eyes while on the road!

While the properties of the tints are indeed essential, car window tinting also requires a deep and definite maintenance process. Here are a few tips on keeping your sleek tint finish for long:

  1. Do It Right!

The tint installation comes with a few points of maintenance. A freshly coated tint will be at risk of loosening if it is not fully dried.  You should not risk pulling the tint loose until you are sure it is fully dried.  Make sure to clean your tints with an ammonia free cleaner before pulling down your windows on a long drive!

  1. Professional Please!

While the dream of your own DIY car tint does sound appealing, to yourself and your wallet, make sure your car tint and your maintenance is down by a professional. They will know of the specific car tints needed for your car, while also allowing further durability for your car windows. Don’t use your vehicle for a DIY project, let the professional deal with the mess!

Along with the many benefits to keeping your car looking and feeling cool, the car window tint also helps your car’s insurance as well!

  1. Less Vulnerable to Impact:

Your professionally coated car tint also helps in times of a collision as thr tint does not allow the glass to shatter easily, holding it together with strong adhesive. Your car tints do not only look and feel great, but are protective measures for your car and family as well!

  1. Detering Break-Ins:

Car window tinting essentially eliminates complete transparency of your car, ensuring your belongings to significantly safe from any break ins. Along with this, the windows tints does not allow for it to break easily, not allowing any easy access to anyone with notorious intentions!

  1. No Deterrence with Electronics:

No car window tinting will deter any of your electronic devices, even keeping them in better shape by blocking out the sun’s direct heat. If this common myth is indeed hindering your tinting choice, squash it today!

While the tint does look and feel great, there are a set of laws that do not allow the tinting of the car in the first place. Here are a few tips to look out for before tinting your car’s windows:

  1. Knowing Where to Tint:

According to many state laws, there are specific windows that are not supposed to be tinted. For example, the side mirror and the rear mirror are not meant to be tinted throughout all the states. Darker car tint shades can obscure parts of the window which makes it difficult to view images, thereby compromising road safety.

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