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5 Great Courses You Can Take on Edx

If financial advice from top experts was free and easily accessible, do you think the accounting and economic sectors would handle their finances better? Well, the owners of Edx think so, and that’s why they created the online learning platform for anyone who needs direction on better business management. Edx is a collaboration between MIT and Harvard, and they are known to offer free Massive Open Online Courses (or MOOCs) on topics such as finances, economics, computers, nutrition, and happy living. Provided that you are connected to the internet, you can get information on important topics offered by the finest professors in the world. Here are 5 great courses you can take on Edx this year:

1.Machine Learning Fundamentals

This is a new course that helps you to understand the roles of machines in data prediction, decision-making, and modelling. With the training, you can be able to create predictive models to use in your daily operations or to run a software line. There are a lot of programming information to learn here.

2.Personal Finance Planning

This course trains you on how to manage your finances better. You are taught how to take up investment opportunities and credit insurance. You also learn how to save towards retirement. At the end of the training, the basic accounting concepts that you learn makes you a better financial manager and investor.

3.Foundations of Happiness

This course commences on 4thSeptember, 2018, and it is meant to help you enjoy life at work. You’ll learn how to correlate finances and happy living. You’ll be taught positive psychology and science-based concept to use at work to enjoy a meaningful life. You can enjoy the latest EDX discount codes on this course if you book early.

4.Credit Risk Management

This course gives you the basics that govern credit risks. You will be able to understand what credit risk is, and why it’s important in today’s economy. You are also introduced to the fundamentals of credit rating, probability, and statistics, credit default swaps (or CDS), stress-testing, the Moody’s KMV model, Merton’s model, and Credit Risk Plus among other concepts. The aim of the training is to make you a smart risk taker.

5.Financial Analysis and Decision-Making

This course informs you on how to interpret financials when it comes to making important business decisions. The goal of the training is to help you create value for your business. You’ll be able to apply a financial mindset in all your future planning. Simply put, you become a practical financial manager.

The 5 great courses you can take on Edx discussed above provide you with the opportunity to learn something new that you can apply in your line of living. Whether your goal is to be a better business owner or to enjoy positive living, there is something for you on Edx. If you were hesitant about enrolling for Edx courses because you weren’t sure about the best courses in 2018, now you don’t have any excuse.