In today’s fast-paced life often, we keep health care quite low on our list of priorities. Other seemingly more important priorities take precedence over health. Sadly, it is one of the biggest mistakes that we can do to ourselves if we say that we love ourselves. Heart diseases are tragically a reality that we must accept and ensure that we take appropriate steps to let it not affect your health and wellbeing. The consequences of a poor heart affect one’s life in a debilitating and fatal manner if remained unchecked and unprepared.

The heart is the central force which runs the entire body, and thus it is imperative that for the functioning of your heart some conscious decisions need to be taken by you. You can start by making small changes yet consistent changes in your life. Initially, it is not easy to follow these changes as you are not used to them, but with time, these changes become a habit for you. And with time you will be able to see the difference these small changes make in your life and the health of your heart.

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What is heart disease?

To start off, we first need to know what heart disease is and its impact on our lives. Heart disease is the condition which clogs the blood vessels and hampers the normal functioning of the heart and its ability to pump blood. It is also known as cardiovascular disease and can cause stroke, heart attack and chest pain (angina) if unchecked.

Few common symptoms of heart disease and its impact on health are:

  1. Breathlessness
  2. Pain in the back, throat, neck, jaw or upper abdomen
  3. Chest pain and discomfort along with tightness and pressure
  4. Numbness or pain in legs or arms
  5. Irregular heartbeat which may be too slow or quick
  6. Fainting

It is best to visit a doctor and seek medical care if you experience any of these symptoms.

How to prevent heart disease?

As mentioned a little earlier, it is easy to prevent heart disease in your life if few health decisions are followed faithfully.

Steps to take to prevent heart disease:

  1. Physical Activities

A sedentary lifestyle poses a huge risk to the health of the body and the heart. Regular physical activities help burn calories and lower blood pressure. They also boost good cholesterol while reducing bad cholesterol. An active lifestyle which includes physical exercises, workouts such as swimming or aerobics or playing a favourite sport, skipping, dancing, yoga or even walking daily is perfect for maintaining a healthy heart.

  1. Conscious Habits

Routine and habit make a man and the same can be applied to keep heart diseases at bay. Taking the stairs instead of the lift is an easy but useful way to increase physical activity and keep fit. Using public transport or parking your car a little distance from the destination ensures that you will walk and continue with your routine physical activities.

  1. Healthy Foods

It is always advisable to eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetable which are laden with rich nutrients and minerals. Food items such as fish, whole grain foods and protein-rich foods are perfect for a healthy diet. High intake of salt, trans and saturated fat and sugar are lethal for the health of your heart as is consumption of red meats.

  1. Avoid Smoking

Tobacco contains not only nicotine but also many other harmful chemicals which damage not only your lungs and heart but other parts of the body as well.

  1. Excessive and Regular Drinking

Excessive and regular drinking poses serious risks to your heart and other health problems such as cancer and liver diseases. There is an increase in blood pressure along with cardiomyopathy, a disease of the heart muscle.

  1. Adequate Sleep

Sleep is one of the essential parts of keeping fit. An adult needs a minimum 7-hours of uninterrupted sleep to ensure good health. There is a higher risk for heart diseases if sleep is not sufficient.

  1. Health Insurance Plan

An alternative way of taking care of one’s heart is by buying health insurance which will take care of unexpected health scares without destroying your wealth on medical bills. With a health care plan, you can lead a stress-free life without putting a dent in your finances.

A comprehensive health insurance plan will include not only the Mediclaim but also the personal accident, heart, cancer and insurance for other life-threatening diseases. Precautions are ok, but insurance will be your ultimate support in the worse situations.

Our heart is the instrument which runs the entire body and hence it is essential that you protect it by opting to make conscious changes and decisions in your life.