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Top 5 Accessorizing Tips for Plus Sized Women

Are you a plus-sized woman? Do you want to increase your style quotient? If you answered yes to any one option, then you are lucky. Here we have the essential top 5 accessorizing tips for plus sized women.

You don’t have to be a starved model to master the game of fashion. All you need is a bit of research and follow a few simple steps. With just a few right-minded fashion accessories you can up your style game.

A good set of accessories to go along with your dress can actually make or break your outfit. Even a small necklace or a bracelet will have you covered. So without taking much time, here are the 5 essential tips to follow-

Handbags and Belts are Useful

A large designer handbag along with a stylish belt can improve your outfit in a matter of seconds. They can add proportions to your body and most importantly they are flexible. You have so many options- a hobo, large satchel, or a classic large purse – anything that can be carried along your waist is good.

Similarly, a slim fitting belt can help you add shape to your waist curve. Use a medium sized one. A thin belt will make you appear big in the middle and a fat one with remove the curves and add straight lines.

Use attention-grabbing colors that match your dress. No neon blue but more royal blue.

Scarves can Rescue

Scarves are a versatile accessory that works all four seasons. Both slim and plus-sized women can use them to add structure and proportions to their body.

A scarf worn around the neck can make your torso appear taller. Don’t tie the scarf too tight or use big knots. This looks bad and inflates the fatty curves. Also, try to match the colors of the scarf to the seasons. A bight and a light scarf for the spring is a must have a piece of accessory for any plus sized women.

Plus point – the scarves can also be used as makeshift belts; just don’t tie them too tight.

Jewelry Draws Attention

Accessorizing with jewelry is a must follow tip for any sized women. They can help you stand out in a crowd in a beautiful way. It can come in many different shapes and sizes ranging from the usual rings, bracelets, necklaces, to subtle but beautiful body jewelry.

When shopping for jewelry, you should look for statement jewelry, the ones with larger elements. Also, avoid small pieces, they get lost in the details and make you look bigger. And don’t forget; never go for tight fitting ones.

If you are considering body jewelry, navel rings are most common ones. You can also try out some nose and earrings that help to add some character to your pretty face.

Shoes Elevate You

Shoes are one of the best options to add length to your plus sized body. It helps to slim down your proportions, make you appear taller and best of all – it gives you confidence. Higher the heel, higher is the confidence.

Anything taller than your flats is an improvement. But don’t forget, the shoes should be comfortable first. Many normal heels are slim at the upper portions, making them irritating for women with bigger feet. Many new companies are offering special footwear for plus sized women. If possible, do try them beforehand.

Don’t Match but Accentuate

The days of matching every accessory to the tee are gone. It is all about accents now. Choose accessories that pop out. Accessorizing for top quality fashion is an art that depends on simple science.

Black and grey dresses are usually recommended to curvy women but they are bland and boring. Add some poppy and bright accessories to your outfit. The dark dress will make you look slimmer and the bright accessories will add some flair to your style. Your style quotient will improve instantly.