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Top 5 tips for Choosing Bunk Beds for Kids

When it comes to kids’ furniture, nothing is more precious than a lovely and comfortable bed. After a long day of study, play and kid shenanigans, when you see the little babies sleep, you forget all the bad that exists. That’s why it becomes important to follow the right tips while choosing bunk beds for your kids.

Bunk beds are special. It creates a connection between the siblings and also acts as a playground when their friends arrive for a sleepover. This makes choosing the right option crucial. It’s not just about the comfort, safety is important too.

Here are the 5 tips that you should keep in mind on your next bunk bed shopping trip-

Safety is Everything

You can compromise on the style levels if your budget is limited but never ever compromise on safety. A fall from a bunk bed can lead to serious injuries. You don’t want to take that risk. Always choose the bed design with integrated side rails and handles.

Tell your bunk bed dealer to show you the safest options available. He will assist you saving you some time.

Also, consider the weight limitations. A small bed will creak over time when your children grow. Even if you missed the safety part somehow; you can always look for DIY options. There are many online guides available.

Size Should be Considered

Size of both the bunk bed and the room should be kept in mind. A small room with a low height ceiling will never go along a full sized bunk bed with all the bells and whistles. Take your measurements along when you visit the dealer.

Also, consider other issues that you might face because of the size. There should be enough room around the bed to let your child easily move in and out. It should clear out any hanging objects like fans or lights.

Consider the Accessibility

A stair system will be far easier to access than a ladder. Especially with small kids, it becomes necessary that you include handles and rails to make it easier for them. A ladder system is fine if your kid is old enough. But still, add some sort of handle to keep the safety factor in check.

If possible, take the kids with you. Let them test and check if there’s any difficulty or not. Ultimately, they are the actual users.

Choose the Right Material

When it comes to bed, you only have two major options. Wood or Metal. Both of these work perfectly for normal adult beds. But when it comes to bunk beds, one material is better than the other.

The better one rhymes with wood. The main issue with metal bunk beds is quality of lower-priced options. They are left with sharp edges or points, and slippery surfaces which will cause many issues.

Unless you fork out some serious money, the finish on most metal bunk beds is not a match for wooden bunk beds.

Both are equally strong, but the main difference comes from the finish, adaptability, and flexibility. It also ages really well. But make sure the wood used is actually good and not some low-quality particle board.