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Diffuser Beads for Your Glass Bong

It might seem like a bit of a novelty item for some veterans of cannabis smoking, but diffuser beads can seriously be a wonderful addition to your inventory if you happen to be a sonter with a particularly sensitive throat. On top of providing much smoother and cooler smoke, they look freaking awesome in a nice glass bong. They expand to the size of small marbles in water and come in a variety of colors, and they’re offered on lots of online stores by many different companies.

There’s a couple advantages to using these beads which a bong purist may cringe at, but at the end of the day everybody likes different things, and there’s nothing wrong with using a bit of outside help to burn your throat a bit less. Some people have a hard time handling the smoke from bong rips and it can be quite harsh. This causes tedious coughing fits and sore throats for loads of people and this is where the diffuser beads come in to do some work. By expanding in the water of your bong and taking up space, it means that when you’re pulling smoke up for a toke, the smoke has to travel through more narrow passageways covering more surface area before it finally reaches your lungs. This creates a sort of percolation chamber and separates the smoke up so that it’s at a much lower temperature by the time you’re actually breathing it in.

That’s not all they do though. Surely you’ve noticed how dirty your glass bong gets after even just a few days of repetitive use, and that’s because of residues building up after being filtered by water. Well with diffuser beads, the smoke travels over the surface of them all and so they take the biggest hit when it comes to residue buildup. Just by being there in your bong water, they ensure your bong will stay cleaner for longer, and it’s super easy to clean the beads. All you have to do is empty them all out of your bong, put them back in the container they came in, submerge them in rubbing alcohol or whatever bong cleaning product you like, shake them up a bit then rinse with cold water! Just like that, they’re good to go and ready to serve your glass bong’s needs once more.