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It is time to take the 8th Phera

Wondering what the 8th phera is. It is about the financial wows between husband and wife, the two pillars in the household. You might have heard of the seven pheras being the most important vows in a married couple’s life; what you tend to ignore is the most important vow. It is the vow about the financial responsibilities that both the partners must bear. Marriage is not just about seven pheras and promises of togetherness it is a list of duties both partners must carry. Spouses should not only consider running the household together but also meeting the future financial goals and looking after each other. If you want to know what those combined responsibilities are, have a look.

Management of the House

All this while, most of the people have believed that household management is the job of the wife. However, it is not right. You both should manage the house together. Management of the house includes everything from trivial to significant. It can be bringing vegetables from the market, preparing a monthly budget, paying utility bills and so on. There is no end to the list of household chores. It is how the two of you collaborate to make everything fall into place at the end of the day.

Reaching Professional Goals

Attainment of the professional goal is essential to save more and invest more for a secured future of your family. If you have the aspiration to be a VP of your company while your spouse is happy in the current role, your spouse should aim at supporting you in climbing the stairs so that it could help both of you financially in the long run. Savings and Expenditures also should be a part of your family’s responsibilities. While focusing on the professional goals, you should also ensure to invest for a secure future of your family including our children.


When you decide to take the eight phera, you take the first stepping stone to building a future that is financially sound for your children. You may not have children now; however, investing now in various instruments such as Insurance Plan, ULIP, Fixed Deposit, Mutual Funds and buying properties can help in generate good returns in the long run. These investments can help you shape the future the way you want. Most people are also taking to purchasing term plans so that there is someone to take care of the dependents in case of the sudden death of the insured. It is a plan that makes life comfortable and convenient for the family in future. If you are wondering which term plan is best, it is tricky to answer. The plans depend on your requirements and tenure. Some plans are ready to pay a lump sum amount whereas there are a few that pays monthly income.

Enjoy the Moment

Life is short, and you must value every moment. Being married does not necessarily mean that you have lived enough. After a few years or even the first year of marriage, married couples become parents. You will have more responsibilities than ever about expenses and budgeting. It is vital that you enjoy every bit of life after marriage. Talking about enjoying the moment, you can ask your partners out for a romantic dinner, book tickets to an adventurous destination for a long weekend or go out for a movie together. Doing these activities together accelerates the rapport you share and thus it strengthens your relation.

Help Each Other in Respective Work

Ever tried helping your wife in the kitchen or changing the nappy of your baby? It is a myth that a woman should refrain from doing a man’s work and a man should refrain from helping a woman. On the contrary, with work coordination, life gets more exciting and meaningful.

8th Phera it is!

Without delay, you need to start focusing on the eighth phera so that your life is devoid of struggle and monetary problems in future. It is all about planning and living towards making the financial dream true. Marriage means splitting financial responsibilities, discussing matters of finances periodically, and reviewing plans if need be. While everything else is a priority, investment should be on the top of your priority list. When was the last time you spoke to your spouse about your financial problems?