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Selena Gomez trying to ‘move on

Los Angeles, July 12 – Singer Selena Gomez is trying to move on from her on-off relationship with pop star Justin Bieber. However, she reportedly still considers him a friend.

Selena Gomez trying to ‘move on

Selena Gomez - Oslo Spektrum 2013
The couple, who first started dating in 2010, has been having a rocky phase in their romance and they are said to have broken up again last week, reports contactmusic.com

They reportedly split because Bieber didn’t invite Gomez to be his date to his manager Scooter Braun’s wedding.

There will forever be an emotional connection for them, but they don’t have a title to their relationship. He is not her boyfriend, but the feelings are always going to be there, a source close to Gomez told E! News.

The insider insists that Gomez is happy and is having a great time with friends.

She is trying to move on with her life and focus on her career. But the duo may be trying to make each other jealous by posting pictures of themselves with other guys and girls on their Instagram profiles. They are kids. Of course they might try to do that.

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