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Complaint against police over arrest of farmers

Odisha, January 29, Abhijit Saha: Recently 26 farmers were arrested in Bhubaneswar on 24th December in a rally to protest against Government’s lethargic outlook towards cyclone affected farmers. The farmers are from the organization Navnirman Krishak Sangathan. The police arrested them in the rally as they blocked the gate of Chief Minister and demanding for Rs. 2000 per month to cyclone affected farmers when CM was on his way to office in front of Secretariat. The farmers also have been demanding Rs.500 per 100 kg of paddy till the next harvest season.

It is shocking that the police have stroke section 307 of IPC against the illegally arrested farmers who were protesting peacefully which implies an attempt to murder case. Mr. Akhand, a Human Rights Activist lodged a complaint against the Odisha police chief to which the National Human Rights Commission has asked the police to produce a report over the arrest. Police wants to restrain the ongoing protest of farmers illegally, alleged Akhand. NHRC directed the police to submit the report within a time frame of four weeks.

protest against government on arrest of farmers
Image credit: OrissaDiary

Mr. Akhand says that the police want to suppress the protest illegally and that they are only misusing their powers. He also said that he can easily imagine what the police can do with other cases where in this case he can strike attempt to murder case against the farmers illegally. Mr. Akhand requested fifty thousand rupees as compensation against the farmers who are arrested illegally by the police and to withdraw fake cases against those farmers.

Finally the National Human Rights Commission has directed the Deputy General of Police to submit the report within four weeks time defaulting which the commission may take appropriate actions.

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