Shankarsinh Vaghela criticises Gujarat’s BJP-led government severely

New Delhi, 7 July-2014(DNA): Alleging “criminal negligence” in implementing several schemes, Leader of Opposition in Gujarat Assembly Shankarsinh Vaghela came down heavily upon the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led state government over several issues during his speech in the Gujarat Assembly on Monday.

Shankarsinh Vaghela criticises Gujarat’s BJP-led government severely


Vaghela alleged that the Gujarat government took political advantage of the Narmada Dam project and misled people. “Earlier, this government promised to clear pending work of the Narmada (canal) project by 2010.

Now, you have extended the time till 2016. This is nothing, but criminal negligence in the wake of a drought-like situation looming large over Gujarat,” Vaghela said during a discussion on the Gujarat budget in the Assembly today. He also lambasted the Gujarat government over power production in the state.

“From 2000 to 2014, you have added only 500 MW installed capacity in power plants. Further, for the benefit of private firms, you purchased electricity at a very high rate from them and deliberately brought down production in government-owned plants,” he said.

Vaghela also challenged the claim of Gujarat being “number one” in development.

“As per a report ‘Gujarat amongst other states’, we are nowhere close to Number 1 in any parameter. We are either fifth, seventh, twentieth or even 26th. Gujarat model is ranked so much low and yet you claim that it is number one,” he said.

Later talking to reporters, Vaghela also hit out at the government on other issues. “Just to be praised by people, this government gave precious land for the Tata Nano plant. They also gave crores of rupees as loan at just 0.001% interest rate. Now, instead of Nano, Tata is making Jaguar cars. Hardly 200 local youth are employed at the factory. I demand that all facilities given to the Tata plant be withdrawn,” he said.

“The government provides false figures about GDP and agricultural growth. They also propagated that the state-run Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation (GSPC) has found a huge amount of gas in the KG Basin. This is nothing but a publicity stunt of the government, because we are actually making losses in KG Basin related operations,” Vaghela said.