E-mail case: SI Biju Saleem to be dismissed from duty

Thiruvananthapuram, 6 March, Sreeparvathy K.: The accused in the controversial E-mail address theft case, Reserve Sub Inspector Biju Saleem was given notice and is asked to give explanation for not to be dismissed.

The action was taken as per the order of DGP as Crime Branch filed report against him. Biju Saleem is accused of leaking about 268 E-mail address details from the Government’s classified files and creating a fake file.

E-mail case: SI Biju Saleem to be dismissed from duty


Biju while working in the Hi Tech Crime Enquiry cell created a fake letter to the media to create a rumour that Government is tracking some Muslim leaders in the state. He was suspended in January 2012 from the services during the enquiry.

The police have filed case of theft, fraud, falsification of documents and abuse of official post against him. Biju Saleem is the first accused in the case along with Dr. Dasthakeer, Adv S Shanavas as second and third accused and five journalists are also filed accused with regard to the case.