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Sachin Pilot accuses Narendra Modi of ‘double-speak’

New Delhi, 6 July-2014(PTI): Accusing Prime Minister Narendra Modi of double-speak on the issue of food inflation and price rise, the Congress on Sunday said the PM and the party spoke in a different voice when they were in opposition.

Sachin Pilot accuses Narendra Modi of ‘double-speak’


Underlining that this is a government which has come in with a clear majority, Congress leader and former Union Minister Sachin Pilot said, “There is no reason why they can’t take strong steps that a 56-inch chest thumping Prime Minister had promised”.

The Rajasthan PCC chief also took a dig at Modi saying that while he was taking credit for the PSLV-C23 rocket launch and Katra train link which had come to fruition due to Congress government that worked on it for 10 years, he was blaming the food inflation on them. “This is double speak,” Pilot said in an interview to PTI adding that Bharatiya Janata Party​ (BJP) won the election on the plank of high inflation.

Mentioning about a planned protest against overall price rise in Rajasthan on July 9, he said, “I want the people to know that a political party cannot get away by speaking in a different voice while in opposition and completely turn the tables when they are in government”.

He said that once BJP took over the government, they have realised that there are certain things that even they can’t control. “So high powered meetings, asking hoarders to be raided and asking states to increase the quota… and I am hearing things where we as UPA had cited as reasons for inflation and were rubbished.

“Now I am getting the same statements from the same ministers, from the same political leaders saying that vegetables aren’t an administered commodity and we can’t switch off a button to put down the inflation,” Pilot said.

It is amazing how food inflation has gone up in the last five or six weeks but it is blamed on the last ten years of the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government. “I hear the Prime Minister saying we have ten years of legacy that’s why the inflation is being what it is. I don’t know if they have been able to address the root of the problem. So this posturing, public statements and media sort of outburst against high food inflation is not going to cure the public of the problem,” he said.

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