Not to worry for Valerie

Mumbai, January 28, Rimo Bose:  The former French leading lady has visited India recently to protest against malnutrition and anti hunger cause. The lady attended the conference and lunch session arranged in the Taj Mahal palace.


Valerie Trierweiler was almost in tears when she witnessed the reports and surveys on the malnourished kids especially after her eye witnessing experience at a hospital’s pediatric section.  Although, it’s being declared by the French President Francois Hollande about the termination of their partnership.  Still it’s very enchanting to see that the lady was escorted national security and even she maintained her decency and courtliness in the session. Being a journalist by the dint of her career she has been quick and calm in answering the questions thrown at her.

The visit of Valerie was arranged by Fight Hunger foundation. During her visit for the cause of child malnutrition she encountered with some elites, like UdDhav thackrey’s spouse Rashmi, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Zia Mody and Gayatri Ruja many other noble persons.  It was reported by a pal of Valerie that she felt the love and affection after visiting India. And that Valerie too has won hearts by her composed and simple gesture.

In the press meet Valerie revealed that this her 3rd time visit in India because previously she visited as a journalist and the first lady of France. She even expressed her view that she would not have given up the opportunity of visitation in India. One of her follower even said that Valerie appreciated the hair stylist Parwane who has many elite names as her patron.

Although upon her back home she will no more relish the pleasure and security of being a first lady but she promised to look deep into the matter of kid’s malnutrition. A source even expressed information that she might even visit Kolkata the next time she is back but with no humdrum regarding personal concerns.