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Children Learning New Things While Playing With Montessori Materials

Montessori Material have become pretty popular in the last decade because of their proven effectiveness on kids of all age ranging from the toddlers to those in kindergarten. From increasing the imaginary power to memory and problem solving, Montessori methods and materials have proved to be effective in all such fields. Montessori more than that is a philosophy, that the development of the children can be much more holistic and can also be made fun for them. The old methods of rote learning have been successfully overturned by introduction of the Montessori philosophy into the teaching institutions.

The Obvious choice

Montessori teachings can help the children learn many concepts like that of colour, sizes, alphabets and numbers. These materials are provided in a puzzle form and in completing such materials the little tots can learn such concepts pretty easily and with very little or no adult interference.
The special toys can increase the memory span of the kids in learning the relationship of the alphabets and the numbers. Using Montessori and other practical sources instead of rote learning will provide with a strong fundamental base to a kid or a toddler and learning further words or mathematical functions in future could become easier for the kid.

Effective and Proven

Learning and developing the children has never been so fun. The little tods tend to enjoy the toy-like Montessori materials and unknowingly learn about a lot many concepts ranging from colour to sizes. It doesn’t limit the imagination and creative abilities of the children rather encourage these qualities.
All this can be achieved in a playful manner where the children keep on challenging themselves with such games and can master a particular lesson within no time.

No intervention

It becomes imperative to note that the Montessori materials are self-explanatory and self-correcting. The objective of the game is stated on the box or is usually very obvious.
While the kid is playing and solving it any wrong move will prevent his further acts which will help the child point out which part did he get wrong. This also ensures that the child isn’t playing with a missing piece.
The best part is that the parents or the teachers don’t have to interfere with the child’s learning process. One of the main part of the Montessori philosophy is to develop self-learning attitude.

  Mugging is old-school

All of us might remember how rote-learning of letters, words and numbers was the only fast-track method of study in kindergarten in the old days. This proved to be of no use as not only the kids hated these methods but also it proved to be ineffective in the long run.
The children tend to forget the things which they have mugged up, but if they have experienced and solved it, such things get deeply embedded in the minds. Thus, it would be foolish to keep on with the old ways.

Adopting the Montessori techniques and materials could be one of the simplest yet most effective way to make sure that your children learn in an engaging way and develop a skill of self-learning.