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Sagoon – The Social Media Revolution Application Review

Sagoon is quite similar to Facebook, Snapchat, and other such social media platforms. It is a free application. Through this application, you can not only connect and share with others but also earn. These days, most of the people spend most of their leisure time on social networking sites. Sagoon is an attempt to offer something more.

Is it easy to use the Sagoon application? If something is not easy to use these days, especially technology, it is discarded. Sagoon is very easy to use. It can be used on Android smartphones with 3G/4G and wifi connectivity and iOS as well. It is available on Google PlayStore and can be easily installed.

What makes Sagoon different?

It has features that are different from the usual ones like likes, shares, retweets, and favorites. Let us have a look at some of these features.

My Day: It helps in bringing about some kind of balance between your personal life and professional life. This feature helps you to organize your day well. It has three main features:
1. Share schedules: It helps you to create a daily schedule for yourself and then shares it with colleagues, friends and family members, leading to an appreciation of your time.
2. Share to-do lists: it helps you to keep track of your on-going projects. This list can be easily shared with others.
3. Send reminders: It works as a reminder of important things. For an upcoming family function, you can set the reminder to send a message to all the concerned family members.
Mood Talk: It is a chatting tool. It helps you to express your moods in your chat. Your mood could be happy, sad or sick or any other. The advantage is that your chat automatically vanishes once 24 hours are up. How does Mood Talk help? Suppose you are feeling sad on a particular day, you can set your mood as Sad. It will then be visible to all on your contact list and they will start connecting with you. This is unlike other chats where others are not aware of your mood. You can chat personally or with a group and all your chats get deleted after 24 hours.
Story Sharing: Once you have unburdened yourself, it is a fact that you feel much better. Sagoon helps you to share your secret story either with someone you trust or with a group. If you do not wish to reveal your identity, we at Sagoon respect that and will keep it a secret. Do you want your narrative to become even more attractive? You can now add visual appeal to your stories by including pictures.

There is a limit of 220 characters. If you post your story as an ‘Open Secret’, all your contacts can view it. They can then like it or dislike it and comment on it. If it is one-to-one, only the receiver can read and it will vanish once it is read. Are you the curious sorts? We know how to keep you happy! You can even track your secret story’s popularity. If you do not want your contacts to share your secret story further, you can even deactivate the disable sharing feature.

Apart from the above, Sagoon has a ‘Me page’. It is a mix of personal and work life information that helps you network with other like-minded individuals.

How do you earn on Sagoon?

Every Sagoon user receives a Sagoon Social Smart card free when they create their profile on Sagoon. Whenever they make a transaction on Sagoon, they earn 5% of the transacted amount. They also earn a portion of the revenue earned by the company based on the time they spend socializing on Sagoon.

Thus, Sagoon is a social media platform that helps people to connect, share ideas and last but definitely not the least, earn money.